January 25, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Reasons why it is worth paying for VIP fast track service through Nha Trang Airport

One of the best places in Vietnam is Nha Trang city. With its breathtaking views, beautiful mountains, and the stunning backdrop of white sandy beaches and islands, Nha Trang allures many backpackers and tourists alike. In fact, it is very easy to explore this city on foot, motorcycle, and bicycle. Probably, you are one among the travelers who want to visit the Nha Trang city.

If you want to visit, then Nha Trang airport is the main port that serves Nha Trang area. The airport is in Cam Ranh and Nha Trang City is 30km away from the airport. However, the airport is always crowded, and visa process takes a lot of time.

Nha Trang Airport is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam

Before applying for visa on arrival, you need to know certain things. One of the most important facts is that the Nha Trang Airport is always crowded, which means it is busy. The Nha Trang Airport receives about 2.6 million visitors every year, according to the Vietnam Immigration Department. This clearly explains why this airport is always busy. In fact, this particular airport remains busy during most of the time.

Hence, when you reach Nha Trang airport, you can expect a lot of tourists like you. You can see the tourists standing before the immigration counter in long line to get their visa stamped. It may take from 45minutes to even 2 hours. But, if you want to avoid these circumstances, VIP fast track service can help you.

What to expect from VIP fast track service?

Opting for a VIP fast track service is a good idea because you will bypass the long lines and taken to the VIP counter. You can get your visa stamped within a few minutes upon arrival. The staff will take care of your visa process after summiting all documents to them. Once the visa process is over, you can proceed to visa landing counter. Then, you can collect your passport and visa.

How does it work?

The entire process of VIP fast track service is very simple. You need to choose the VIP fast track service through Nha Trang Airport option while you are applying for visa on arrival online. Remember, this service can be used only if you travel by air. This means you need to apply visa on arrival.

Reasons why it is worth paying for VIP fast track service through Nha Trang Airport

When you opt for VIP fast track service, you may not understand the importance of it. In fact, you will be wondering whether it is really worth paying for this service. But, when you arrive at the airport, you’ll think that you have selected the right service which you won’t regret later.

Here are two major reasons why you need to choose VIP fast track service:-

Save time

You will be able to save a lot of time by choosing VIP fast track service. Just picture this scene – your flight is arriving at night or due to some reasons the departure delayed and you may arrive at midnight and you have a connecting flight from there. Obviously, you will be tired after travelling for long hours and it can be overwhelming to stand on the long queues at late night in a foreign land without any help.

The chances are likely that you may miss your connecting flight as well. When there are opportunities to save time and avoid the hassles of immigration, why do you want to suffer? VIP fast track service helps you save you a lot of time which you can spend on the purpose of your visit.


The goal of VIP fast track service is to make travellers comfortable by avoiding exhausting immigration procedures at the airport. This service has helped many travelers by keeping them comfortable during the visa stamping process and felt likely they should visit the country again. This service is more suitable for people who travel alone with babies and toddlers, elderly people, business personals, and disabled personals. It can be useful for business people who need to attend a meeting in the country.

How to register for VIP fast track service

You need to choose VIP fast track service while you are applying for Visa on arrival. Fill the application with your personal information such as name, date of birth, airport, date of arrival and departure, VIP fast track service, and passport number. Then, pay with your debit or credit card for processing fee. You will receive the approval letter in your email within two business working days. Get a print copy of the approval letter as you need to present it upon arrival. Submit all the documents to the agent, and he will get your visa stamped on the passport within a few minutes.

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If you are arriving in Vietnam via Nha Trang airport, then you have to be aware of the traffic you may receive at the airport. It is because it is a widely utilized Vietnam airport.

Vietnam, is a country that homes many attractive places, attracts a vast number of tourists every year. You can choose Vietnam for a vacation to have a joyous trip with friends and family.

Vietnam is one of the countries that is gaining a lot of fame because of its beautiful landscape. Many travelers come to Vietnam to have a thrill-seeking and adventurous trip of their lives.

Vietnam is one of the countries that is home to many attractive places that almost every year many tourists come here. They come to this country to have a joyous trip with family and friends.

Nha Trang Airport is one of the major airports in Vietnam. Airport meet and assist service is quite popular amongst Travellers for the convenience it offers.

Applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival is so easy and convenient for applicants. Once obtaining a pre-approved letter, a tourist or businessman can get his or her visa at a Vietnam international airport.