January 23, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Nha Trang City Airport; Things to Know!

Are you looking to visit and stay in Nha Trang, Vietnam for some days with your family, but the plan goes on postponing due to the visa applying process? Don’t worry as now you can apply for a visa online through a visa on arrival option. One of the best online ways to apply for your visa is, visa on arrival, and you can visit Vietnam with Vietnam visa on arrival via Nha Trang airport. With that, you can even collect your approved visa at your destination Nha Trang city airport, with the help of Vietnam fast track service. All you need to do is hire the right travel agency.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Nha Trang; How to Apply? 

Once you find the 100% risk-free website of travel agency, you have to get ready with all the details that are needed to apply for your visa via visa on arrival option. The details that are asked for filling the online application are,

  • Nationality (country of your passport)
  • Passport Number
  • Full Name
  • Visa Type
  • Airport Port
  • Entry and Exit Date
  • Purpose of Visa
  • And more…

[Note: your passport should at least have a 6-month validity. So check once, before you start applying for your Vietnam visa.]

Once you ready with all the details, you have to fill the online applications with the details asked. Here, you should pay more attention, and fill with the accurate details. This is because if any one of the filled details is wrong or if there is any typo, your application will reject, or you need to pay extra for edit those details again after submitting it.

After filling the application, cross-check it twice and then make the payment for submitting the online application.

The arrival of Vietnam Visa Approval Letter

The visa approval letter is the pass for your approved letter. With this letter, you can visit Vietnam airport and collect your approved visa. So, when I get the Vietnam visa approved letter after applying for a visa under the Vietnam visa on arrival via Nha Trang? “Probably this may be your question. The answer is here.

Your visa approval letter will be send based on the add-on service you opt for. Normally, your visa will approve within two or three days, and get your visa approval letter if you apply for your visa via visa on arrival option. In addition, if you add on to the express service, you will get your visa in a single day or on the same day as you applied for it. Also, this visa approval day will get vary on your nationality because of the security purpose.

Are you looking to get your visa approved in a day and get your visa to approve a letter on the same day to visit Nha Trang in Vietnam? Then opt to apply for your visa under Vietnam visa on arrival via Nha Trang! 

Visa Collecting Process at the Nha Trang City Airport

Once you reach the visa Nha Trang city airport, you need to finish the visa collecting and stamping process at the airport immigration counter to visit Vietnam and enjoy its welcoming environment.

For that, instead of standing at the airport immigration counter hire fast track service. They will finish your visa verification process with it, with the help of your visa approved letter, entry-exit application, two photocopies. After the verification process, the professionals will hand over your approved visa. To stamp your approved Vietnam visa to your passport, the professionals will pay the stamping fee with ready cash that you have given. Finally, your visa will get stamped on your passport, and it will be handover to you. Then you will be ready to visit Vitamin and spend your precious time with your family.

Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service at Nha Trang City Airport 

Are you visiting Vietnam for the first time, feeling that you are helpless? You can opt Vietnam visa fast track service! Their service will help you apply the entry-exit application, collect your approved visa, get stamped your visa in your passport, carry your luggage, and take you to the parking area in the airport. Beyond that, this service will help you with the entry process help in the airport. They also welcome you at Vietnam airport with the name board.

All you have to do is, hiring the right service provider and applied for the Vietnam fast track service after applying for your visa through a  Vietnam visa on arrival via Nha Trang after receiving the visa approval letter.

Here you have to fill the details with the required details as like as you apply for your visa. In addition, you here you have to mention the airport name, arrival date with time.

[Note: if you wish to apply for the Vietnam fast track service, you have to apply for it 4 hours before your flight. Also, here you can request for baggage porters, and car pick up service. ]


Vietnam, is a country that homes many attractive places, attracts a vast number of tourists every year. You can choose Vietnam for a vacation to have a joyous trip with friends and family.

Vietnam is one of the countries that is gaining a lot of fame because of its beautiful landscape. Many travelers come to Vietnam to have a thrill-seeking and adventurous trip of their lives.

Vietnam is one of the countries that is home to many attractive places that almost every year many tourists come here. They come to this country to have a joyous trip with family and friends.

Nha Trang Airport is one of the major airports in Vietnam. Airport meet and assist service is quite popular amongst Travellers for the convenience it offers.

Applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival is so easy and convenient for applicants. Once obtaining a pre-approved letter, a tourist or businessman can get his or her visa at a Vietnam international airport.