January 16, 2020
Immigration Fast Track

Services provided by Vietnam Immigration Fast Track

Have you ever felt so stressed waiting for a long time to complete the procedures in the airport? Have you ever felt so tired to go through all the processes? Our question to you is why you would choose to suffer in the slower route when there is a more direct and quickest route available for your comfort?

Vietnam Immigration Fast Track:

Vietnam immigration fast track will make the airport procedures simple for you and your lovable people or your client’s. From clearance through departure, arrival Fast-Track service helps through every step. Besides, they also help with family travel and package, ensuring a smooth swift and save time wasted through the airport. Whether you are on a business trip or a holiday alone or with your family members, the Fast-Track services will look after you well on your arrival. The service will fast track the travelers through the formalities in the airport and take them to the arrival area.

What are the benefits of Vietnam Immigration Fast Track?

There are so many benefits offered by Vietnam immigration fast track.

  • Escorted and assisted by the staff at Fast-Track immigration.
  • Being guided at the aircraft Gate. This is especially useful for first-time Travellers to Vietnam.
  • Baggage Porter will be available on request.
  • Get visa stamped at visa counter in a short time.
  • Also, the car will be waiting outside the arrival terminals if booked.

Services provided by Vietnam Immigration Fast Track:

Aiming to satisfy the needs of all customers in the best way the Vietnam immigration fast track organises all the required services for a smooth journey. This includes all services needed from Arrival to departure. They also support the personal belongings you carry with you.

Arrival Services:

The arrival services assist you in picking your luggage, getting visa stickers, visa stamp and porter services at Vietnam international airports. The main aim of Fast-Track services is providing comfort to their clients, saving their valuable time, particularly after a long travel or other personal reasons. There are two main types of Fast-Track services offered each carry their advantages to fulfil your needs.

Normal Fast-Track Service:

In the regular Fast-Track service, the staff will be waiting for you at the landing gate holding a welcome board with your name on it. They will assist you with the luggage lounge to get visa stickers and stamps. Also, the service will help remove language barriers, bypass long queues, and ensure fast arrival. With Vietnam immigration fast track you don’t have to get in line as others do, all you have to do is wait for 10 to 15 minutes to complete the entire airport immigration procedures.

VIP Fast-Track:

With VIP Fast Track, the staff will wait for you at the landing gate with a name board. They will assist you to get visa stickers and stamps and pick your luggage. You will receive snacks and beverages at the VIP lounge. Then the staff will guide you to the luggage lounge to pick up all your belongings.

Who can use the services?

  • Visitors travelling in a group
  • Businessmen
  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly and infants
  • Transiting visitors with tight closing time

Departure Services:

Departure services offered by Fast-Track is an exclusive package offering Travellers a stress-free experience. If you book the departure service, they will contact before you arrive at the airport and meet at the entrance of the airport by a representative. The representative will accompany you throughout all the flight transactions. You will also get beverages and snacks at the lounge where you can relax until you board your flight.

Benefits of Departure Services:

  • You will meet the staff at the airport entrance or by a specified counter.
  • Escorted to the luggage lounge and the aircraft gate.
  • Expedited through all security processes and check-in.
  • Pre-checked in services with preferred seats arranged.

Baggage Potters:

Whether you take ten bags with you or you move with just one the porters from Fast-Track services will take the burden off you. They will carry your luggage for you. They will guide you through the easiest way to check-in, in getting your luggage or from baggage reclaim to your vehicle. You can also book the service through their phone number or Email.

Car Pick Up Service:

If you want to take rest as soon as you reach to get ready for a memorable vacation or maybe tired travelling hours on the plane. To meet your demand, you can book car pickup service besides providing Vietnam visa hotel booking services and airport Fast Track.

The one thing most people suffer after a long flight is waiting for a driver. However, with Fast-Track services, you don’t have to worry about it. The driver will arrive at the airport even before your flight lands to make sure you are not the one who is waiting. Besides, the driver and the staff members will be monitoring your flight status constantly and act accordingly. Once you land, the driver will be ready at the exit gate.

The Bottom Line:

We strongly recommend you to make use of the Vietnam immigration fast track. With the hotel room booking, the car picks up service, and Fast-Track service you can complete the procedures in the airport much easier. Booking these services means you don’t waste your time anymore in the airport procedures. Take advantage of the services offered by the professional staff for a stress-free travel experience.


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