April 28, 2020

Should I provide you with the exact date of arrival or estimated date?

If you plan was fixed and nothing change for it, you should provide your arrival date exactly.

In case you are unsure about your arrival date, you can provide the estimated date of arrival. Please note that you are not allow enter and pick up the visa earlier than then entry date approved in the visa approval.

You can enter later than the entry date approved but the validity of your visa will expire on the exit date as approved in the visa approval letter.

E.g: If you applied for 1 month visa valid from 01 May 2020 to 31 May 2020, you can enter Vietnam any from 01 May 2020 but the visa will expire on 31 May 2020, of course you unable to enter Vietnam from 31 May 2020 due to your visa expiring.


General information about Vietnam Visa On Arrival     What documents are required to get visa on arrival ?     What ports are accepting for visa on arrival ?     About the photos, entry and exit date, modification, …..

Citizens of ALL COUNTRIES in the worlds are eligible to apply for Visa On Arrival Vietnam. Unlike Visa On Arrival of some countries, Visa On Arrival Vietnam required applicant obtain a visa approval letter (also called pre-approval letter) before flying to Vietnam to pick up their visa upon arrival at the airports.

The landing visa counter at international airports of Vietnam open 24/7 for your visa on arrival. Please remember to print a copy of your approval letter and bring it with you for your trip to Vietnam.

In most cases, a passport scan is not required. However, sometimes the Immigration Officers need to verify the information you provide, you are required to send them a scan copy of your passport.

For getting visa on arrival, aside with the visa approval letter, you are required to fill, sign and attached a recently taken photo of your face on the form NA1. See Photo guide.