Are you a Cambodian citizen planning to visit Vietnam? Navigating the e-visa application process can be overwhelming, especially considering the uncertainty of approval rates. The Vietnamese government evaluates each application based on its own set of rules, and not all applications are approved.

Planning a trip to Vietnam from Cambodia? If you’re a citizen of Cambodia, you’ll need to obtain a Vietnam e-visa. In this article, we’ll explore the Vietnam e-visa fee for Cambodian citizens and provide you with all the information you need to make the application process smooth and hassle-free.

If you’re a citizen of Cambodia, planning a trip to Vietnam can be an exciting adventure. One of the first things you’ll need to do is apply for an e-visa to enter the country.

In an exciting development for travel enthusiasts, Vietnam has recently announced an update to its e-visa scheme, granting 90-day e-visas to citizens of Cambodia. Effective from August 15, 2023, this new policy eliminates the need for Cambodian citizens to visit the Vietnamese embassy or consulate for visa applications.

Do Cambodian citizens require to make visa application for Vietnam? 30 days visa-free for Cambodians In case of staying in Vietnam for more than 30 days, Cambodian passport holders are required to make visa application for visiting Vietnam Options for citizens of Cambodia getting a visa for Vietnam: Application For Visa At The Embassy of

Though Vietnam and Cambodia are neighboring nations, it is important for every foreign national to have a valid visa from the Vietnamese authority if they are entering the territory of Vietnam. However, the travelers may be relieved to know that getting the Vietnam e-visa from Cambodia is no longer a difficult job as they may easily do

There are five border checkpoints from where you can enter Vietnam, if you are from Cambodia, like: Ha Tien Landport (also called Xa Xia Landport in My Duc village, Ha Tien town, Kien Giang province, Vietnam) Moc Bai Landport (in Loi Thuan village, Ben Cau district, Tay Ninh province, Vietnam) Song Tien Landport (in Vinh Xuong village, Tan Chau district,

Citizens of Cambodia won’t need a visa if staying for fewer than 30 days. Vietnam visa waiver program In case of intending to stay for more than 30 days, you should apply for a visa.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Cambodia 🇰🇭? There are Vietnam embassy and 2 consulates in Cambodia, please see below for details: Embassy of Vietnam in Phnompenh, Cambodia 🇰🇭 Address: 436 Monivong Blvd, Khan Chamcarmon, Phnompenh, Cambodia 🇰🇭 Telephone: 85523726274 Fax: 85523726495 Email:

From the foodies and beach lovers to the art and culture admirers and adventure fans, Vietnam has something to offer for every tourist.  With a tropical coastline of 3,000 kilometers, wonderful food and culture, this amazing country is waiting to be sightseen by a mass of tourists.