Visitors who are looking to stay in Vietnam for less than 30 days, especially for tourism can enter the country either with an e-visa or Vietnam visa on arrival. In case, if the stay is for a longer period, for more than 30 days the traveler must apply for a Visa on Arrival with the

Italians are among the top nationalities that came to Vietnam for a holiday in the last few years. In 2019, there were more than 70,000 Italians who visited Vietnam.

The country of Vietnam is in the wish list of many travelers. This country, situated on the fertile lands of southeast Asia has a rich culture, a thriving business scene, and rich and interesting history.

If you ever wish to explore the surreal landscapes of Vietnam where every element has a story to tell, then you should not wait to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Italian citizens. Well, it is not just the landscape, but the aura of the last few communist countries in the world that would want