January 2, 2020
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Tan Son Nhat Airport Fast Track BY Vietnam Immigration Department

Applied for your visa via visa on arrival with Tan Son Nhat Airport as your destination airport and wondering how Tan Son Nhat airport fast track service will help you with the visa process? You are on the right path! Here we discuss the thing that you should know about the Tan Son Nhat airport fast track services providing by the Vietnam immigration department.

What Is Tan Son Nhat Airport Fast Track Service?

Tan Son Nhat airport fast track service will be helpful for your approved visa receiving process.

Firstly, you have to give the printed visa approval letter, stamping fee with ready cash (USD) based on your visa type, passport, and your passport size photo. With those needed requirements, the professionals will help get your approved visa stamping on your passport by doing the needful. Also, the professionals will finish this process promptly. This saves your valuable time spending on a long queue. There are two options of Tan Son Nhat airport fast track service.

They are,

  • VIP Fast Track
  • Fast Track

VIP Fast Track Service

Under VIP fast track service, you will receive the real conform of Vietnam. The VIP fast track service includes welcoming the visitors and assists them in every direction of the airport.

Here are some,

  • Once the visitors enter the Vietnam airport, the professional will welcome them by meeting them with the welcome board.
  • They will help to get the approved visa and get the visa stamped on your passport.
  • As a baggage porter, they will take care of your luggage, the Tan Son Nhat airport fast track service provider also help you escort you go to luggage lounge

Fast Track Service

Under fast track service, you can receive the service that you expect. This means they help you get your approved visa stamping on your passport.

Here are some,

  • With the welcome board, the professional will meet you at the aircraft gate.
  • They help you get your approved visa stamped on your passport within 10 minutes.

Who Can Make Use of Tan Son Nhat Airport Fast Track Services?

The visitors who are all applied for a visa on arrival can make use of this Tan Son Nhat airport fast track services. This is the only eligibility you need to benefits from fast track services. So, prefer applying for your visa via visa on arrival option. It is recommendable for some people who should need fast track services for their convenience. They are,

Here are the recommended people who can benefits more from Tan Son Nhat airport fast track services.

  1. People who are in a group of travel.
  2. You are running out of time
  3. Pregnant ladies
  4. Disable people, elderly and infants
  5. Businessmen
  6. And other VIPs, and the people who don’t aware of this process

What Are the Advantages of Using Tan Son Nhat Airport Fast Track Services?

By hiring Tan Son Nhat airport track service providers, you can personalize and do this service to your requirements. Also, to ensure minimum well time, the executive car that you booked will be outside the arrivals terminal (only if you booked). You will be escorted and assisted by the immigration quality fast track services. Without getting in a long queue, you will get your visa stamped at your passport at the landing visa counter. From receiving you from the aircraft gate to hindering your passport, the professionals’ services will be quick and efficient.

Fast Track Services Include Baggage Porters Service

This baggage porter service also includes under fast track services if you add on. The porters help you by carrying your bags from baggage reclaim to your car. However, you have to pay an additional charge for it.

How Tan Son Nhat Airport Fast Track Services Works?

Step 1:

You have to fill the application for Tan Son Nhat airport fast track requirements with accurate details like passport number, full name, DOB, departure and arrival time, flight number, and more. Once you finish filing, you have to send it via mail.

Step 2:

The professionals will be ready at the aircraft gate to receive you with the welcome board where your name will be return.

Step 3:

Have to give the needed documents, visa alienation letter, photo, and the stamp fee (USD) to the professionals.

Step 4:

The professionals will hand over the approved visa stamped at your passbook. And finally, if you add on to baggage porters service, the professionals will escort you to the baggage lounge.

The Bottom Line

Are you looking to experience the benefits of Tan Son Nhat airport fast track service? Consider applying for your visa under a visa on arrival option at the 100% risk-free website! Then fill the application for airport fast track service and hire them.


Make your Vietnam entry a pleasant experience for you with the Vietnam visa fast track service. Therefore, if you are entering beautiful Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport.

The Tan Son Nhat Airport is on the topmost list of Vietnam’s busiest air terminal. It is the door to Ho Chi Minh City, in the past called Saigon.

Many foreigners come to Vietnam every year for having a joyous trip. The country is home to many natural sightseeing places.

The Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Assist Service aims to make your visit to Ho Chi Minh a breeze. They will provide assistance to travelers arriving at the airport.

If you’re a foreign traveler visiting the city of Ho Chi Minh, you will most likely be flying at the Tan Son Nhat Airport of Vietnam. In case you didn’t know, this airport is the busiest in the country.

If you’ll visit Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, you will be passing at Tan Son Nhat Airport. This is one of Vietnam’s major airports and the gateway to the South of Vietnam.

The Vietnam visa fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport is a VIP service offered to foreign travelers who are in need of a visa when visiting Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Tan Son Nhat International airport is the biggest and busiest airport in the country.