January 2, 2020
Immigration Fast Track

Vietnam immigration fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport

The Tan Son Nhat Airport is on the topmost list of Vietnam’s busiest air terminal. It is the door to Ho Chi Minh City, in the past called Saigon. This is additionally where you ought to be flying in case you’re going to the South of Vietnam. A portion of the acclaimed attractions in the South of Vietnam is the Mekong River and the Chu Chi Tunnels.

Tan Son Nhat Airport invited 38.5 million travelers from around the globe. Consistently, there are a large number of travelers that would pass by the air terminal. The vast majority of them are remote travelers that would require a visa to enter Vietnam. In this way, it’s not astonishing to discover long lines at the visa counter.

Thus, to enable the country guests to go through the air terminal quicker, the Vietnam Immigration Fast Track service is started. In case you’re traveling to Tan Son Nhat Airport soon, the Fast Track Service merits considering. They will sidestep the long queues for you, so you don’t need to line. You can escape the air terminal quick and with no issues.

In what manner can the Fast Track Service Help You?

If you book the Vietnam Immigration Fast Track in Tan Son Nhat Airport, you could escape the air terminal quick. That is because they will deal with the handling of your visa. Rather than you queuing and present the required prerequisites, they will do it for you. You should sit and pause. In just a couple of moments, you will recover your identification with a visa stepped in it.

Besides helping you with your visa, they will likewise give you different advantages and benefits. On the off chance that you will pick the VIP choice, they can accompany you towards the process of stamping your visa at the airport. Furthermore, they can have a doorman to come, meet you, and help you with your luggage.

Something else that they can give is a vehicle pickup service. This is exceptionally advantageous in case you’re landing around evening time.

Alternatives available at  Vietnam immigration fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport

Arranging the cost with a taxi driver in Vietnam can be a tough because of the language hindrance. With the assistance of the Fast Track Service, a vehicle with an English-talking driver will come to meet you.

If you have opted for the visa on arrival visa type, then the airport concierge is best for you. Thus, there are two alternatives for you to look over

  • Quick or fast Track Service – In this service type, the service staff meets you as you land from the plane. The individual in question will hold a standard indicating your name. As you approach, you’ll be helped promptly to the counter for your passport to be stamped with a Vietnam visa. Since they are there to help you, you should to plunk down and wait. Thus, you don’t need to line alongside different travelers in the line of getting your visa stamp. Therefore, you have to sit and relax in the lounge until the service staff is back holding your passport with a visa stamp.
  • VIP Fast Track – In case if you need to travel like a VIP in Vietnam, the VIP quick track airport concierge service is ideal for you. With this service, one of the service staff will by and by welcoming you as you land in the nation. In the wake of meeting the staff, the person will process the formalities at the visa landing counter on your behalf. Thus, within a few minutes, you will receive your passport with the visa stamp. Furthermore, since you selected the VIP service, a baggage porter service administrator will be standing by to help you with your baggage or luggage.

Who should opt for the service?

Let’s take a quick overview of the benefits of opting the Arrival of Vietnam airport concierge service:

  • The fast and secure visa stamping process
  • No need to wait in the queue
  • Smooth arrival with guided support
  • Baggage assistance service
  • You can even book a car or transportation to your hotel from the arrival gate.

How to Book the Vietnam Immigration Fast Track Service?

Undoubtedly, the Vietnam Immigration Fast Track in Tan Son Nhat Airport is extremely justified, despite all the trouble. So what do you have to do to benefit from this service?

While applying for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival, basically pick the Fast Track Option. Round out the data that is required, most notably your total name and identification number. Please give them the subtleties of your flight so they will realize when to meet you.

After you send over your booking demand, you’ll get an email affirming the booking. If there are any progressions on your flight, ensure you educate them ahead. That way, they will have the option to send somebody to come and meet you on your new flight plan. Something else, nobody will have the opportunity to meet you at the air terminal and you won’t be discounted for what you have paid.


Make your Vietnam entry a pleasant experience for you with the Vietnam visa fast track service. Therefore, if you are entering beautiful Vietnam via Tan Son Nhat airport.

Many foreigners come to Vietnam every year for having a joyous trip. The country is home to many natural sightseeing places.

The Tan Son Nhat Airport Meet and Assist Service aims to make your visit to Ho Chi Minh a breeze. They will provide assistance to travelers arriving at the airport.

If you’re a foreign traveler visiting the city of Ho Chi Minh, you will most likely be flying at the Tan Son Nhat Airport of Vietnam. In case you didn’t know, this airport is the busiest in the country.

If you’ll visit Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, you will be passing at Tan Son Nhat Airport. This is one of Vietnam’s major airports and the gateway to the South of Vietnam.

The Vietnam visa fast track in Tan Son Nhat Airport is a VIP service offered to foreign travelers who are in need of a visa when visiting Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Tan Son Nhat International airport is the biggest and busiest airport in the country.