January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

The Required Information On Acquiring Vietnam E-Visa For Italian Citizens

The country of Vietnam is in the wish list of many travelers. This country, situated on the fertile lands of southeast Asia has a rich culture, a thriving business scene, and rich and interesting history. People wishing to visit this country, who are not Vietnamese by birth, or is a naturalized citizen of this country, need to apply for a visa to visit or stay in this country. Like all others, the citizens of Italy have to apply for a visa, but there are some exceptions in this case. The Vietnam e-visa for Italian citizens living in Italy or any other country is exempted if the period of stay is less than 15 days. In case the visitor needs to stay for more time, a visa is mandatory and must be presented upon inspection.

What are the conditions for the exemption?

Apart from the citizens of other counties, Italian citizens enjoy the privilege of staying in Vietnam for 15 days without any visa after that they will have to apply for Vietnam e-visa for Italian citizens, which is a single entry visa valid for 30 days only. This benefit is compliant to the Vietnam Immigration Regulations dated 19th June 2017. However, if the stay is for more than that time, then they must apply for a visa. This requirement is mandatory. Moreover, the visitors applying for a Vietnam e-visa for Italian citizens have the option to apply from the comfort of their own lace. In this process, they do not need to visit the embassy, stand in the queue and complete the formalities. The process is easy and comfortable.

Vietnam visa waiver program

There are some provisos to enjoy the exemption from acquiring a Vietnam e-visa for Italian tourists. The passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of arrival, and the visitor must go through a single entry/exit routine in a period of 15 days. The candidate has to wait for at least 30 days before to apply for the second exemption; counting from the date of the first entry exemption to the date of the 2nd exempted arrival and entry.

The documents required for Vietnam e-visa for Italian

Applying for and getting an approved Vietnam e-visa for Italian tourist becomes mandatory if the length of stay crosses the limit of 15 days. However, the Italian citizens can enjoy the facility of online application and sidestep the trouble of visiting the embassy. They have to provide information regarding their travel and pay the required fees.

Here is the general information and documents that one needs for the application of Vietnam e-visa for Italian visitors. Other documents may be required for official processing. The documents that have to be presented at the time of the online application are listed as;

  • Scan copy of passport’s page containing personal information. Sample for passport’s bio page.
  • The number, validity, and other details of the Italian passport.
  • A recently taken photo of your face. Photo Guide
  • Specific information on your travel plans. This includes the dates of your stay, the address(es) of the lodging place, and the point of entry and departure. In some cases, the cities will have to be mentioned.
  • Credit/Debit card information for the payment of fees.

Here’s the official website of the government for e-visa https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn

Point to note, the Italian passport presented must have a validity of six months even after the date of arrival. Passport must remain at least 2 blank page for immigration stamps.

After the application of Vietnam e-visa for Italian

Once you submit the application for the Vietnam e-visa for Italian citizens, it takes about three business days to complete the formalities. Therefore, keep these things in mind while applying for the visa;

  1. Complete the visa application at least seven days before the date of journey. Applying earlier can be beneficial.
  2. All the information provided must be completely true and must be proven upon inspection.
  3. If the applicant holds more than one passport, then the passport whose info is given in the application should be presented at the immigration counter.

After you have completed the formalities, you will get the Vietnam e-visa for Italian national as a .pdf file in the registered e-mail. The Italian applicant can go directly to the immigration counter, and get his or her visa stamped. You will also require 2 photos.

Ending note

Having proper information beforehand will be helpful in the smooth processing of the Vietnam e-visa for Italian tourists or businessmen. This article provides important and necessary information regarding the application of the said visa. If you are an inhabitant of Italy and wish to visit Vietnam, you can complete the necessary official procedure without any glitch.