February 2, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Thing to Know While Applying For Vietnam E-Visa via Da Nang City Airport

Vietnam is filled with natural beauty and so many travelers prefer to visit Vietnam during vacation. Nowadays business people also visit Vietnam for their business purpose. You can enter Vietnam traveling through air, land and sea. While traveling to Vietnam, you need to get a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country. You can apply for Vietnam e-visa via Da Nang city Airport to enter Vietnam. Applying for Vietnam e-visa is one of the simplest methods to get the Vietnam visa.

Vietnam e-visa requirements

While applying for Vietnam e-visa, you need to know the requirements. Here we have mentioned the things necessary for applying Vietnam e-visa via Da Nang city Airport.

  • Your passport must be valid at least for 6 months from the date of entry
  • Need your passport size photo in .jpg format with white background and without glasses. Photo Guide.
  • A photo of your full passport data page in .jpg format
  • A valid email address to receive your visa approval letter
  • You need to have a valid international debit or credit card to pay your visa fee
  • Temporary address within Vietnam
  • Details of your entry and exit dates
  • Know the entry and exit ports while filling the online form

Things to know before applying for Vietnam e-visa

While applying for Vietnam e-visa, you need to know everything about the e-visa and visa processing. Here we have mentioned a few conditions you need to know before applying for Vietnam e-visa via Da Nang city Airport.

  • You need to apply your visa via online
  • While apply for e-visa, you have option to get visa for only 30 days
  • Using Vietnam e-visa, you can visit, stay and return back within the validity of 30 days
  • You can enter the country only through specific airport that are allowed by the government
  • Vietnam e-visa is a single entry visa
  • You cannot go back to your country and visit back Vietnam with the same visa. You need to apply for a new one to enter Vietnam again.
  • Only citizens of 81 countries can apply for Vietnam e-visa. Country list for Vietnam e-visa.
  • You can choose either tourist visa or business visa, but can stay only for 30 days and multi-entry is restricted.

E-visa applicable countries

While applying for Vietnam e-visa via Da Nang city Airport, make sure that you belong to the country in the eligible list. Here we have provided the names of the countries in the e-visa eligibility list. Have a look at it and check for your country name.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Airport that allow Vietnam e-visa

Only a few airports at Vietnam accept e-visa, so make sure to choose any one of them as your destination airport. Here is the list of airports that permit e-visa.

Beside arports, e-visa is also accepted for entering the country via land border & seaport. List-of-port that accept for e-visa.

Applying for Vietnam e-visa

If you are planning to apply for Vietnam e-visa via Da Nang city Airport, you need to choose a right travel agency to avoid stress. Then you need to fill the online form provided in the website with correct details. Wrong details may lead to rejection of your visa application. So be careful while filling the online e-visa application form. After filling the form, you will be redirected to payment page. Using your credit or debit card, you need to pay the service fee for your visa. Then you will receive your visa approval letter to your email within two days. If you opt for rush visa, then you can get the visa approval letter on the same day. You need to pay extra charge to opt this. With the visa approval letter you can enter Vietnam.


While choosing a travel agency to apply for Vietnam e-visa via Da Nang city Airport, you need to choose a reliable one. Most travel agency provides 100% risk-free visa application process. So make sure to choose the one that provides a hassle-free visa application process.


Visa on Arrival is an online facility that allows travellers to apply for a visa before visiting a country. After the successful processing of visa, the applicant can collect their visa when they reach the destination airport.