January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Things to know about Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen

Are you planning to visit a beautiful nation like Vietnam? Vietnam is a mesmerizing nation that every person must visit at least once in his lifetime. It is considered as one of the most beautiful nations in the entire of South East Asia. This beautiful nation is encompassed by Sea in the East and Gulf of Tonkin in the North. When you visit Vietnam you will be more than surprised with varying climatic condition that it offers. Where in the mountainous regions it stays reasonably cold, the lowland people face relatively warmer temperature.

If you also wish to visit this nation effortlessly, then apply Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen right now. This visa allows you the convenience you apply for your concerned visa through the online platform.

About Vietnam e-visa for Emirati Citizen

Just go through a simple visa application process online, pay the fees and that’s it. Your visa will get ready within the next three working days. This visa is basically a single entry visa. It allows the applicant to stay in Vietnam for not more than 30 days. This particular visa is boon all the Emirati citizens. The reason is it allows all the Emirati citizens to visit Vietnam through the online mode of application.

Here’s the official website of the government for e-visa https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn – it cost $25 for an e-visa regardless purpose of the visit. Please make sure no error or mistake before making the payment because the fee is non-refundable and no support online.

Easy Application Process

This e-visa application frees from the hassle of standing in the queues in the visa embassy for hours. Not only this, it also frees you from the hassle of manual application procedure which is indeed very time-consuming. So, if you are also an Emirati citizen then apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen right now. Through this visa, you can easily visit a beautiful nation like Vietnam in a hassle-free way.

What are the requirements?

If you want to apply for this visa, you need to meet certain requirements duly. The Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen demands the compliance of a few requirements online.

The applicant needs to provide all the necessary information about online. There he or she has to provide some of the basic information like full name, birthdate, passport number, purpose of visiting, contact address, etc.

Apart from that, the applicant also needs to submit digital copy of passport’s bio page (Sample for passport’s bio page) and a recently taken photo of the face (Photo guide).

In case, if the details seen inappropriate or inadequate, it may lead to the abrupt cancellation of your visa. So, make sure that you submit all your credentials online on time and in the proper and expected manner.

How to apply Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen?

To apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen is as simple as it sounds. You need to go through a simple application procedure for that. All you need to do for that is to fill up a simple application form. The applicant needs you to provide a few basic information about yourself. Some of these information include passport details and travel plan. Make sure that the pieces of information you are putting in are completely flawless and genuine. If your given information is found to be with spelling errors or any other fault, the verdict can be dire. This means, that it can lead to the sudden rejection or at times delaying of your Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen also.

How long does it take?

When it comes to the duration of the application process, it takes 1 day at the most. However, if the application process seems to a little problematic, it may take 3 days as well. After the visa application is over, the applicant will receive his/her visa via email. Get a print out of your Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen instantly. Subsequently, you need to submit that to the concerned immigration officer after turning at the Vietnam port entry.

Final Note!

Vietnam is a nation that has to offer natural beauties aplenty. If you also want to enjoy the true beauty of this nation, then apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen now. Through this visa, you can visit Vietnam without facing any unreasonable hassles.


The beautiful nation of Vietnam invites all individuals from around the world to its unique land and inspires them to explore, discover and spend quality time with their family and friends. It also gives opportunities to individuals to complete their education, allows businesses to set up as well.