January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Tips To Apply For The Vietnam E-Visa For Australian

Have you ever been to Vietnam? If not, then this season plan a short trip to this mind boggling country. Vietnam shares a vast border line with china. When you will come to Vietnam, you will fall for this nation. A pleasant climatic condition prevails here throughout the year. During Autumn, you will see bright yellow leaves lying on its various streets. At times spells of thundershowers hit this nation to make it relatively cooler. From the vast terrains of mountains to the azure coastline, it has to offer natural beauties aplenty. However, there are certain ways through which you can you can visit this country. One of the ways is to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Australian only if you are an Australian citizen.

What the Vietnam e-visa for Australian is all about?

The Vietnam e-visa for Australian is an electronic visa, designed specifically for the Australian citizens. Australian citizens who are holding popular passport type certainly apply for this particular. Through the means of this visa, you can stay in Vietnam for 30 days at the most. This via cannot be extended like the other visas offered by the Vietnamese embassies or visa on arrival, unless you contact with an agency for their sponsoring. So, apply for an e-visa right now and visit Vietnam effortlessly all the way from Australia.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa – You are only allowed to enter Vietnam from the port you have designated.

Requirements for Australian to apply Vietnam e-visa

Well, the application process for the Vietnam e-visa for Australian is quite easy. You just need to provide a simple application form and provide your basic details in there. To apply for this particular visa effortlessly, you need keep following components handy with you.

  • A substantial debit card or credit card to pay the e-visa fee
  • A digitally scanned version of your passport photograph. Photo guide.
  • Passport which is valid for at least 6 months with 2 blank pages.
  • The scanned page of your passport which provides address information about you. Sample for passport’s bio page.
  • A valid email id. This will be required get the constant updates of your e-visa and it final reception

Once you provide these pieces of information in your online application form, it will take a few minutes to process the application.

How much does it cost?

It cost $25 if applying your e-visa through official website of the government https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn you are advised to double check to make sure no error or mistake before making the payment due to no refund and no support from government website.

For hassle-free, you can apply your e-visa through an agency, their fee is higher than government website but they offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied, of course they support customers 24/7.

How can you apply?

To apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Australian, you need to fill up a single application form. Therein, you need to include some of basic details. These include your birth, personal details, details related to your passport to name a few. After you are done with the submission part, you also need to submit the aforesaid documents. Subsequently, your visa will get approved with 3 working days from the date of application. This visa will allow you stay in Vietnam for a period of 30 days and not more than. This visa doesn’t permit the grant of any extension period. So, you cannot stay in Vietnam for more than a month through the means of this visa.

What to do after your arrival?

After you have arrived at the Vietnam airport, you need to go directly to the visa issuing office. You need to show your passport and visa application letter to pay the stamp fee. Your passport will be reviewed and stamped duly by your concerned immigration officer. After that you can stay in Vietnam for the next 30 days.

Final Note!

When it comes to visiting a breathtaking nation like Vietnam, you got to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Australian now. This visa will allow you to explore every nook and cranny of Vietnam to the fullest.


Vietnam, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, is quickly becoming a hotspot for Australian travellers. The country is blessed with a beautiful landscape that consists of terraced rice fields and beautiful beaches.

The country of Vietnam is loved by all the people around the world. There is not a single soul on this planet, who doesn’t wish to pay a visit to this mysterious yet beautiful nation in the Asia-Pacific region.