January 7, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Types Of Vietnam Visa Fast Track Services You Should Know About

Have you ever been to Vietnam? If yes, then how did you get your visa stamping after arriving at the airport? Of course, you had to stand in the queue for long hours in completing that process? But, if you are planning to visit Vietnam again, then choose the Vietnam visa fast track service without thinking twice. The reason is very simple. Through this particular service you can get your visa stamping completed within minutes.

A comprehensive service

When you feel worn-out after the day’s flight, you don’t have to stand in the long lines for hours. Your concerned visa official will do everything on your behalf. All you need to do is to provide him/her all the necessary documents. A few of these documents may include your passport sized photographs, passport and a visa sticker and stamp. Your visa will be processed and stamped by your concerned professional within a surprisingly short span of time. So, opt for this service today and visit Vietnam in an absolutely hassle-free manner.

How to apply?

When it comes to applying for the Vietnam visa fast track service, it’s very simple. You just need to follow the below given steps to apply for this particular privilege in an effortless manner. The following steps can be considered as follows:

  • Opt for your fast track service while applying for your visa on arrival. While doing so, you need to provide a few basic details about yourself. Some of these details include your departure and arrival time, fight number etc. You will receive an email about the confirmation of your fast track within a short span of time.
  • A team of professionals will be available at the airport to welcome you with a sign board with your name on it in any of their hands.
  • Subsequently, you need to provide your visa approval letter, passport sized photographs, entry and exit points to these professionals.
  • Your concerned team of professionals will ask you to wait for some time. Meanwhile they will process your passport and visa in the proper and expected way. After they are done with the procedure, they will give you back your concerned passport and visa.

How many types of fast track services can you get?

Well, based upon your varying needs, there are primarily two types of fast track services. The first being the fast track and the second is the VIP fast track service. If you want to get a detailed information about these two, then please refer to the information below.

Advantages of the Fast Track service

There are a number of benefits when it comes to availing the Vietnam visa fast track service. The fast track service helps you avoid the hassle of standing in the queues for hours. A team of professionals will implement the entire procedure on your behalf. They will process your visa and passport in the in the proper and expected way. After a few minutes, you will be called to the visa counter to collect your stamped passport and visa. You will get this service for only 20 USD at the most without paying any stamping fees.

Advantages of the VIP Service

One of the major benefits of the VIP Vietnam visa fast track service is to get you a VIP like treatment. If you are coming through a charter or commercial flight, then you can avail this particular service. The primary objective of the VIP Vietnam fast track service is to save your precious time. From checking your immigration status to processing your passport, your concerned professionals will do everything for you. Your concerned professionals will also carry out all the necessary formalities to complete your visa stamping procedure effortlessly. You just need wait in the luggage lounge for a while and that’s it. You will be called up on time to collect your stamped visa while a porter will look after your luggage properly.

What is the cost of these services?

You cannot avail any service unless and until you are aware of its price. The price of the Vietnam visa fast track service varies greatly depending on which airport you are arriving. The following price options are specified for the following airports:

For the Standard Fast Track Service

  • For the Ho Chi Minh city airport – $25
  • For the Hanoi city airport – $30
  • Da Nang city airport – $30
  • Nha Trang city airport – $30

VIP Fast Track Service

  • For the Ho Chi Minh city airport – $46
  • For the Hanoi city airport – $48
  • Da Nang city airport – $48
  • Nha Trang city airport – $48

A service worth availing for first timers

If you are visiting Vietnam for the first time, then the Vietnam visa fast track service is highly recommended for you. You might not be aware about the details related to your visa stamping. Hence, the service of the Vietnam visa fast track will help to get through the entire process in a hassle free manner.


Immigration is the process by which a resident of a country migrates into another country. Every year thousands of people migrate to Vietnam for various purposes.

The visitors who apply for the Vietnam Visa on Arrival have to stand for long hours in a queue to get their visa stickers and also get it stamped. There are so many people in the line, which makes it quite time and energy consuming.

If you are excited for your Vietnam tour, get your passport and visa ready now with Vietnam immigration fast track service. Travelling is exciting and the whole conundrum begins from the day you sit down to plan your holiday.

The tourism in South East Asia has peaked after 2000s. Tourists from around the world now are eagerly waiting to explore the different and unique culture and tradition of the South East Asia.

What comes to your mind first when you think of flying all the way to Vietnam? Of course its corresponding visa. If yes, then the Vietnam visa on arrival assistance service can help you greatly in this regard.

Vietnam is a mesmerizing nation and perhaps every person out there wishes to visit this nation for once. More importantly, if you want get an effortless access to this nation, then the Vietnam airport concierge service can help you greatly for VIP fast track.

A short trip to Vietnam is one of the most gratifying experiences one can ever have. You will be even surprised with the excellent fast track services that some of the Vietnamese airports offer.

In case if, you are looking for a quick Vietnam visa stamp after arriving at the airport. Then choose the Vietnam visa fast track option.

To support the Vietnam tourist during their arrival at the Vietnam international airports. The airport concierge service is available for all at the airport by the consultants who help in processing your visa on arrival application.