January 2, 2020
Immigration Fast Track

Vietnam Immigration Fast Track Service

In case if, you are looking for a quick Vietnam visa stamp after arriving at the airport. Then choose the Vietnam visa fast track option. Yes, you can easily select the Vietnam immigration fast track service to get away with the immigration formalities.

Thus, once you arrive at the Vietnam international airport, the representative from your selected consultant will arrive at the airport. He or she will welcome you with the welcome banner at the arrival gate and guides you toward the rest or VIP lounge.

Well, you can directly enter the lounge without hassling about your luggage collection thing and other things. The representative will manage all your things.

He/she will collect your luggage, also take your documents, and process your visa immigration formalities on your behalf. That too fast track basis, as you will receive your passport with the visa sticker within a few minutes.

Therefore, it avoids waiting or standing in the long queues for getting your visa stamp. With the concierge service available at the Vietnam buzziest airports, you can quickly receive your visa.

Who should choose the concierge service?

The service is optional to choose as if you selected the said service, and then only you can receive the benefits. In case if you are already visited Vietnam and knows the formalities well, then you can go ahead of yourself also.

But a few people should choose this service for their convenience such as:

  • Businessmen as the professionals are busy and have no time to wait in the long queue. Thus, it is ideal for them to choose this service to save their business time.
  • Group travelers- as the people traveling in a huge group also don’t want to waste hours on getting visa stamp. Every single individual will have to stand in the queues to get the stamp. Thus, it is ideal to choose the service and get the visa stamp for all at once with the fast track mode.
  • Pregnant ladies and people with the younger kids- it is a double task to manage the visa things and small kids at once. Thus, choose the best service and handle your kids without worrying about your visa formalities.
  • First-time travelers- in case if you are the first time traveler to Vietnam and want to make the experience great. Then its bets you choose this service to avoid any hassle in between.

Kinds of Vietnam immigration fast track services accessible

There are chiefly two sorts of attendant services accessible at the Vietnam international air terminals. You can pick the one under your financial limit, needs, and prerequisites. How about we investigate the options to choose the best as per your requirement:

  • Standard fast track administration it is where you will get the standard assistance of visa stamping at the air terminal. After you land at the air terminal, the staff will invite you with your name board at the appearance entryway. Or then again, at specific air terminals, they may even help you from the moment you get down from the plane. At that point, they will gather the reports from you and procedure the visa stamping process for your benefit. Also, inside a couple of moments, you will get your identification with the visa sticker in almost no time.
  • VIP quick track administration: it is an extravagant help where you will get something beyond the visa stamping. Indeed, after the staff gets you at the appearances, they will take you to unwind at the VIP parlor to sit and sit tight for quite a while. At that point, inside a couple of seconds, they will give you your stamped visa while you can appreciate light snacks meanwhile. Notwithstanding the equivalent, they can likewise assist you with your baggage assortment, and at some assistance, they will help you with taking you to your hotel as well.

In this way, under your spending limit and necessity, pick among the two choices.

Arrival and Departure Concierge service

The immigration fast track service is available not only when you arrive at the airport. But it is also available when you leave Vietnam. Let’s take a look at the arrival services:

  • At arrivals, the service staff will receive you
  • While you can relax at the lounge area, the staff will get your visa formalities complete on your behalf.
  • After the service, they will serve as the baggage porter to collect your luggage.
  • They also help in supporting you towards your car pick up point.
  • And also help in assisting you towards your hotel.

Well at the time of departure, also you can receive the service which includes:

  • Schedule the meet with the service staff before your departure time.
  • After you arrive at the airport, the staff will handle your departure formalities and luggage.
  • As per your preference, they will get you’re the preferred seat and also completes your check-in formalities.
  • And in case of any immigration formalities required, they will assist in that also.

Thus, the service is beneficial if you are one of the above listed recommended individuals, which we have discussed above. Therefore choose the service if it meets your requirements.


To support the Vietnam tourist during their arrival at the Vietnam international airports. The airport concierge service is available for all at the airport by the consultants who help in processing your visa on arrival application.

If you are traveling Vietnam via air with Visa on arrival visa type. Therefore, you also have to prepare yourself for the rush or queues to get the visa stamp on your passport.

Explore beautiful Vietnam with the most reasonable and famous visa type as Visa on arrival. It is an easily available visa type that can be applied via the online mode through the genuine consultant site.

Mostly, the people apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival without Fast Track service. Then they need to remain in line to get a Visa stamp and sticker.

In case, you are entering Vietnam via the Vietnam international airport. Then you must be prepared for the long queues for getting your visa stamp.

In case, if you are looking to process your Vietnam visa at the Vietnam international airport. Then it is better that you should go for the Vietnam immigration fast track service.

You can conveniently obtain the visa stamp on your passport after you arrive at the Vietnam international airport with the Vietnam visa on arrival support service. Well, you must be having questions like what is this service.

Traveling is fun when we are talking about the sightseeing and the attractive places that give chills up our spines. Similarly, many people from around the world travel to Vietnam for the adventurous trip of their lives.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with attractive places to visit. Also, it has all the seasons to enjoy, which is why many tourists come here annually.