December 30, 2019
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Know About the Vietnam Airport Concierge Service for VIP Fast Track

In case, you are entering Vietnam via the Vietnam international airport. Then you must be prepared for the long queues for getting your visa stamp. It is because the Vietnam international airport is one of the buzziest airports in Asia. Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Asian continent.

Thus, to have the stress free entering the country, you need to opt for the airport concierge service for VIP fast track available at the Vietnam airport. The service helps you bypass the long queues at the airport. It will further help in saving your valuable time after arriving at the airport. As you must be tired of a long flight, thus it allows you to reach your hotel easily.

What does it mean by Vietnam Airport Concierge?

Vietnam concierge service is the unique service curated for Vietnam travelers to spare their valuable time. The service staff will meet you at the Landing Visa Counter with your name on the welcome board.

They help you to go through the entry procedure in getting your visa stamp as well as visa stickers quickly. They additionally assist you with your luggage also. The service is offered at the time of arriving in Vietnam and even at the time of departure too.

Arrival Vietnam airport concierge

If you have opted for the visa on arrival visa type, then the airport concierge is best for you. Thus, there are two alternatives for you to look over

  • Quick or fast Track Service – In this service type, the service staff meets you as you land from the plane. The individual in question will hold a standard indicating your name. As you approach, you’ll be helped promptly to the counter for your passport to be stamped with a Vietnam visa. Since they are there to help you, you should to plunk down and wait. Thus, you don’t need to line alongside different travelers in the line of getting your visa stamp. Therefore, you have to sit and relax in the lounge until the service staff is back holding your passport with a visa stamp.
  • VIP Fast Track – In case if you need to travel like a VIP in Vietnam, the VIP quick track airport concierge service is ideal for you. With this administration, one of the service staff will by and by welcoming you as you land in the nation. In the wake of meeting the staff, the person will process the formalities at the visa landing counter on your behalf. Thus, within a few minutes, you will receive your passport with the visa stamp. Furthermore, since you selected the VIP administration, a baggage porter service administrator will be standing by to help you with your baggage or luggage.

Let’s take a quick overview of the benefits of opting the Arrival of Vietnam airport concierge service:

  • The quick and easy visa stamping process
  • No need to wait in the queue
  • Easy arrival with guided support
  • Baggage assistance service
  • You can even book a car or transportation to your hotel from the arrival gate. 

Departure Vietnam airport concierge

Ordinarily, 2 hours before the scheduled departure flight, the expert staff will wait at the departure terminal structure or the concurred meeting point. The assigned service staff will accompany you during the check-in to guarantee you get help with seat options. And also, make your baggage check-in and boarding process easy too.

The staff will walk you through passport control in the priority line in the immigration process. Likewise, you will be then helped through security, customs till your departure boarding gate.

Additional service offered with VIP fast-track – Luggage porter service

Regardless of whether you are going with one pack or ten, the baggage porter service at the airport will take your entire luggage burden on them. Thus, you can book the airport concierge VIP service to enjoy the benefit of luggage porter service in the same also. The service staff will help you to get your luggage at the time of arrival and also helps during check-in at the time of departure.

Recommended personals to take service

The concierge option is recommendable to the following personals:

  • For the group travelers
  • Professionals and Businessmen
  • Elders/Senior citizens
  • People with the infants
  • Pregnant ladies and more.

Step to Book the Vietnam Airport Concierge Services

Here are the means on the most proficient method to book the airport concierge service for VIP fast track:

Go on the web and pick the Airport Fast track Service to apply for a Visa on Arrival. Fill the required form with your data like flight details, details of your visa approval letter, name, and more. Therefore, sit tight for an email for the pre-endorsement letter. Print the letter and offer this to the staff that will provide you the service as you land in Vietnam.

Fly to Vietnam – when you have your visa pre-endorsement letter, book a trip to Vietnam, and meet the concierge staff at the air terminal. After arriving at the airport, you will effortlessly recognize the staff since the person will hold a welcome flag with your name.

Sit tight for your visa – give your pre-endorsement letter and passport and trust that the staff will process your visa. If you availed the VIP administration, the staff will, at that point, help you towards the baggage counter also.

Therefore, opt for the service either fast track or VIP as per your need.


If you are traveling Vietnam via air with Visa on arrival visa type. Therefore, you also have to prepare yourself for the rush or queues to get the visa stamp on your passport.

Explore beautiful Vietnam with the most reasonable and famous visa type as Visa on arrival. It is an easily available visa type that can be applied via the online mode through the genuine consultant site.

Mostly, the people apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival without Fast Track service. Then they need to remain in line to get a Visa stamp and sticker.

In case, if you are looking to process your Vietnam visa at the Vietnam international airport. Then it is better that you should go for the Vietnam immigration fast track service.

You can conveniently obtain the visa stamp on your passport after you arrive at the Vietnam international airport with the Vietnam visa on arrival support service. Well, you must be having questions like what is this service.

Traveling is fun when we are talking about the sightseeing and the attractive places that give chills up our spines. Similarly, many people from around the world travel to Vietnam for the adventurous trip of their lives.

Vietnam is a beautiful country with attractive places to visit. Also, it has all the seasons to enjoy, which is why many tourists come here annually.

Vietnam is one of the incredible travel destinations that tourists like to explore. The country features great landscapes, beautiful culture, delicious cuisines, and more that people from foreign lands are fond of.

Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier of Vietnam, has recently launched the Meet and Greet Service. This service will be provided by VIAGS or Vietnam Air-Ground Services Company, which is also affiliated with Vietnam Airlines.