December 30, 2019
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How to Apply Vietnam Visa Fast Track Concierge Service?

Explore beautiful Vietnam with the most reasonable and famous visa type as Visa on arrival. It is an easily available visa type that can be applied via the online mode through the genuine consultant site. It is only applicable if you are entering Vietnam via airplane.

In addition to the visa application service provided by the consultant. Most of the genuine and trusted consulates offer you the visa concierge service at the airport.

After applying for the visa, you must be thinking why to opt for the concierge airport service. Thus, let’s discuss in detail the reason and importance of the same.

What does it mean by Vietnam airport fast track concierge service?

As the name suggests, it is the most easily available option for you to get support at the airport. Being at the new place which is totally unknown to you, then it is feasible to receive professional help. And the consultants provide you the dedicated staff from their end who will guide you through the immigration procedure at the Vietnam airport. It helps in getting along with the formalities easily and also avoids the long queues at the airport to get the visa stamp on your passport.

How fast track concierge service offers help?

After a long and tiring flight to Vietnam, what if you have to stand in a long queue at the airport to get the visa stamp.

Well, the long waiting will further make you more tired. Thus, you can skip all this by opting for the concierge service at the airport. This service helps in getting your visa stamp easily and avoids you to wait at the visa immigration counter.

Why it is highly recommended as:

To spare your significant time and stay away from the tiring procedure of getting visa stamp at the Vietnam Airport

Further, if you are from the list below then you are highly recommended to opt for the service as:

  • The first time Vietnam visitor.
  • To Get Visa Stamped rapidly
  • The people with small kids or youngsters.
  • If Traveling in the large group
  • If traveling for your businessperson as businessmen are quite busy and can’t spare their time on queues.
  • The pregnant ladies
  • People with disabilities.

How does fast track converge service works?

There are two options available for you to choose the converge service at the airport such as:

  • Fast track concierge service – to get the quick visa stamp at the airport by avoiding the long waiting time.
  • VIP concierge service – In addition to the visa stamp on the passport you will also receive the luggage porter service also.

Let’s discuss the fast track service in detail such as;

It’s basic and simple to pick this service:

While applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. You can select Airport Fast Track Service and send your solicitation by means of an email with the required data.

After receiving the confirmation, the service staff will wait for you at the Landing Visa Counter to get you with your name on the welcome board.

At that point, you need to give your necessary documents to the service professional including:

Visa endorsement letter, entry and exit forms, passport, 2 photographs, and the applicable stamping expense.

The staff will complete the entry formalities with your documents while you can rest at the waiting lounge or VIP lounge.  And after the procedure, you will receive your passport with the visa stamp on the same.

Thus, you need to assure the accuracy of the details of your visa.

The service also includes in assisting you at the time of your departure. As the staff will help you to go through the immigration checks before boarding to your flight. Thus, you need to provide or share your departure details with them if you need the departure fast track service also.

Advantages of fast track concierge service

Let’s take a quick overview of the benefits of opting the Vietnam airport fast track concierge service:

  • The quick and easy visa stamping process
  • No need to wait in the queue
  • Easy arrival with guided support
  • Baggage assistance service
  • You can even book a car or transportation to your hotel from the arrival gate.

With all these benefits, you can opt this service to spare your valuable time especially if you are a busy professional.

Departure Vietnam airport concierge 

You should normally reach the airport 2 hours before your departure time. Thus in case, of your departure, the expert service staff will wait at the departure terminal for you to assist you or support you for easy check-ins. And you can also easily check-in your baggage with their support. The assigned service staff will accompany you during the check-in to guarantee you get help with seat options.

In addition to the same, the staff will walk you through immigration control in the priority line to clear all the formalities related with your departure. Likewise, you helped through security, customs till your departure boarding gate.


If you are traveling Vietnam via air with Visa on arrival visa type. Therefore, you also have to prepare yourself for the rush or queues to get the visa stamp on your passport.

Mostly, the people apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival without Fast Track service. Then they need to remain in line to get a Visa stamp and sticker.

In case, you are entering Vietnam via the Vietnam international airport. Then you must be prepared for the long queues for getting your visa stamp.

In case, if you are looking to process your Vietnam visa at the Vietnam international airport. Then it is better that you should go for the Vietnam immigration fast track service.

You can conveniently obtain the visa stamp on your passport after you arrive at the Vietnam international airport with the Vietnam visa on arrival support service. Well, you must be having questions like what is this service.

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