December 30, 2019
Immigration Fast Track

What is Vietnam immigration fast track service?

In case, if you are looking to process your Vietnam visa at the Vietnam international airport. Then it is better that you should go for the Vietnam immigration fast track service.

It is the service being offered to the foreign travelers who are entering Vietnam via visa on arrival visa type. Wither they are traveling for tourism purposes or business purposes; the service is open for all.

The fast track concierge service offers you to receive your visa stamp on your passport quickly. It prevents you from standing in long queues at the airport to get the visa stamp.

The service is applicable or recommended to the following personals such as:

  • Business personals.
  • Ladies with small kids
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Traveling within a group
  • Professionals
  • Older or aged individuals.

The fast track service aims to complete all your procedures at the airport quite quickly with no waiting time. The service includes the fast track clearance at the time of arriving or departure at Vietnam airport. It also assists you with the secure transfers to your hotel, including your baggage too. You can also include your luggage in the service too. They guarantee you a quick, smooth, and safe passage through the air terminal.

It is a valid option either you are alone or with your family, on a work excursion or an occasion. The service staff will ensure that you’re all around cared for on your arrival. It also tracks you through all the air terminal conventions. It also takes you to the arrival zones to meet your loved ones or make your way from the air terminal.

Arrival service

This administration helps you to get the baggage, acquire the visa stamps, stickers, and luggage porter service at Vietnam’s Airports. This will spare your significant time and add to your solace, particularly after a long flight or other individual reasons. There are two fundamental kinds of air terminal fast track administration to choose from:

  • Standard Fast track service: The staff will wait for you at the Landing Gate with your name on the welcome board. It helps you to get the baggage, get visa stamps and visa stickers. The administration will sidestep long queues, expel language boundaries, and guarantee a quick appearance. You should not get in line as others and hang tight for 10 – 15 minutes to finish the entire air terminal immigration process.
  • VIP Fast track: The staff will wait for you at the Landing Gate with your name on the welcome board and also help you to get the gear, get visa stamps and visa stickers. You should not get in line with others. You will check-in at VIP Gate without queuing. After that, the staff will accompany you to the baggage parlor and also helps you to pick your luggage.

Departure service

Vietnam immigration fast track not only offers you easy arrivals but also helps in easy departures from Vietnam. For the departures, the service staff will contact you before your scheduled departure to meet you at the decided terminal. After the same, the team will accompany you through your departure procedure.

They will conclude the check-ins for you and also make your luggage to board or check-in easily. And other than the same, you will be offered a service where you can sit and relax at the airport lounge before your flight scheduled time. It will help to make your travel back to your home easily, safe, and comfortable for you.

For a glance, the departure service includes: You will be

  • Met at the passage of the air terminal or by the predefined counter in the terminal structure (shifts at various air terminals);
  • Pre-checked in administration (subject to carrier) with favored seats
  • Facilitated, however, all check-ins and security forms.
  • Accompanied to the luggage relax and to the airplane departure gate when you are prepared to board.

Baggage porters service

The baggage assistance service is also helpful for most of the travelers. It allows you to take your burden out of the baggage. You have to relax at the airport and all your things starting from stamping your visa till to collect your luggage at the time of arriving.

And on the other hand, at the time of departure, you also have to enter the departure gates and sit tight till your flight time as the service staff will check in your baggage and complete tall the other formalities of departure for you.

Additional services to choose

In addition to the above services, you can also opt or include the following services as:

You can choose the comfortable and secure car pick up service, which allows you to book your transportation easily to your hotel with the immigration fast track service.

You can even opt for the hotel booking service from the same when you apply for your visa on arrival visa from the consultant website. At that time, you can opt for all these services above to make you travel even more relaxing, enjoyable and stress-free for you.


If you are traveling Vietnam via air with Visa on arrival visa type. Therefore, you also have to prepare yourself for the rush or queues to get the visa stamp on your passport.

Explore beautiful Vietnam with the most reasonable and famous visa type as Visa on arrival. It is an easily available visa type that can be applied via the online mode through the genuine consultant site.

Mostly, the people apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival without Fast Track service. Then they need to remain in line to get a Visa stamp and sticker.

In case, you are entering Vietnam via the Vietnam international airport. Then you must be prepared for the long queues for getting your visa stamp.

You can conveniently obtain the visa stamp on your passport after you arrive at the Vietnam international airport with the Vietnam visa on arrival support service. Well, you must be having questions like what is this service.

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