October 21, 2019
Visa tips

US citizens can apply 1 year multiple entries Vietnam tourist Visa with the cheapest price

New Updated price for Visa approval letter processing applied for US citizens:
• Tourist purpose (Visa type: DL): 25.00 USD/person.
• Business purpose (Visa tyype: DN): 250.00 USD/person
• Stamping fee at the aiport apply for tourist and business purpose: 135.00 USD/person.
From 30 August 2016, Just 1 type of Vietnam tourist visa is available for US citizens, that’s 1 year multiple entries Visa. Other types of Vietnam Visa including: 1 month single and multiple entries, 3 months single and multiple entries is NO more valid.

This new regulation of the Vietnam Immigration Department is about Vietnam Visa for US citizens who wish to travel Vietnam for tourist purposes. It is really special priority given to the US citizens in a bid to attract more US tourist to the country and boost the domestic tourism industry.

It would be a good news for those who wish to stay in the country for long time or visit Vietnam frequently. However, it would also give an inflexibility for those who just want to stay in Vietnam for short time (1 month or less) as they might be charged higher stamping fee for unexpected long term visa 135 USD (instead of 25 USD/ 1 month single entry visa or 50 USD/ 3 month multiple entry visa as before).
Important notes:
• Visa stamping fee at the airport applied for all tourist visa for United States citizens is 135.00 USD.
• 1 year multiple entries tourist visa just allows maximum 90 days of staying for one entry. It means the United States travelers will have to do visa run each 90 days with tourist visa.
• For the United States citizens who want to stay in Vietnam for 1 year without doing visa run are suggested to apply for 1 year business visa (Visa approval letter fee: Just only 200.00 USD)
* We would like to offer the cheapest cost for 1 year tourist visa for US citizens which is just 25.00 USD via our website www.vietnamimmigration.org. Please note that the visa processing fee doesn’t include the stamping fee 135 USD which the travelers pay in cash at immigration counter at arrival airport.
If you have any further queries, comments or feedback, please kindly send an email to info@vietnamimmigration.org. We are happy to assist you at our best.


From 01 Feb, 2019, Vietnam Immigration Department has added more 35 countries to the Vietnam e-visa program, including Hong Kong (China) and Macau (China). But until now the Vietnam e-visa system is just updated for old version of Hong Kong passport – passport number starts with letter “K”.

From 01 Feb, 2019, Citizens of Hong Kong can apply for Vietnam eVisa online. Below is everything you need to know about Vietnam eVisa for citizens of Hong Kong (China).

Vietnam government has decided to extend visa waivers program for visitors from the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. This information was announced by the Minister, Chairman of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung announced at the meeting on 03 June, 2017.

It is great for us to inform that from December 15, 2016, all types of Vietnam visa will be available again for US citizens. As you know, from 01 September, 2016, just 1 type of Vietnam Visa is available for US citizens, that is 1 year multiple entries Visa.

Free Visa program for citizens of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with a stay in Vietnam does not exceed 15 days was extended for 1 more year by Vietnam Government. Effective 30 June, 2016, the Vietnamese Government issued Resolution No.