February 14, 2020
Meet and Greet

Van Don Airport Meet and Greet

Halong Bay is perhaps the most popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. This bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site that consists of towering limestone cliffs surrounded with emerald waters. Getting to the Halong Bay is now so easy. That’s because of the newly opened Van Don Airport. For passengers who need assistance in passing through the airport, the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet is here to help.

Since Halong Bay is the most popular tourist attraction in Vietnam, thousands of passengers are expected to use Van Don Airport every day. This can be really overwhelming especially if you’re traveling on your own.

How Can Van Don Airport Meet and Greet Help You

There are many ways in which the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet team can help you. The team is aimed at helping passengers pass through the airport faster and easier. If you’ll book them, they will send someone to meet you as you arrive. After your meet up, the staff will then assist you towards the security check.

If you need help with your visa, they can help expedite the visa processing for you. Instead of queuing along with other passengers, you’ll be treated a priority. You just need to give your passport and requirements and they will handle everything for you. All you will do is wait and in only a few minutes, you’ll get your passport with a visa.

After getting your visa, you will then be escorted towards the passport control. Since you’ll be taking the fast track lane, you don’t need to queue for hours. After you get your entry stamp, the staff will then help you in picking your luggage.

Who Should Use the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet Service?

Any passenger can benefit from the services of the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet. But this service is especially helpful for the following passengers:

  • Businessmen who are in a hurry and don’t want to be late for a meeting or important transaction.
  • Passengers with limited mobility and needs assistance in passing through airport formalities.
  • Parents with kids who do not want to queue for a long time.
  • Pregnant women who cannot stay longer at the airport.
  • Passengers who are trying to catch another flight and have a very short layover time.

Anyone who doesn’t want to go through the hassles at Van Don Airport can benefit from the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet Service. Also, if you are in a hurry and don’t have the luxury of time to queue for hours, then this service is highly recommended for you.

What Other Services Can You Avail?

Aside from assisting arriving passengers in passing through airport formalities, the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet can also offer several other services. They can also provide porter service. If you have lots of luggage and need help in carrying them, you can hire them for this. When booking the service, just indicate on the form that you need a porter. A porter will be waiting for you at the airport terminal when you arrive.

Another service that the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet can provide is a chauffer-driven car. Halong Bay is around an hour’s drive away from Van Don Airport. If you need a car that can take you to Halong Bay from the airport, the Meet and Greet team can arrange this for you. A professional and courteous driver would be driving the car and take you to your destination safely. The team will also make sure to arrange a car that can accommodate your group.

Is It Worth It To Hire the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet?

If you want a comfortable way of passing at the airport, then definitely, the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet is truly worth it. Traveling to Vietnam can be overwhelming. This is especially true when you’re visiting for the first time. As mentioned, Halong Bay is the most popular attraction in the country. Since Van Don is the main airport that serves Halong Bay, it’s not really surprising that this airport is very busy.

You definitely do not want your holiday to Vietnam to be spoiled as you arrive. Coming from a long and tiring flight, the last thing you want is to queue for hours! You can avoid all this if you will hire the Van Don Airport Meet and Greet Service. These trained professionals are very familiar with the airport. They will make sure to get you out in only a few minutes. That way, you can go directly to your hotel and take a rest. So if you are wondering if the service is worth it, the answer is yes! It definitely is! So book the meet and greet service now and enjoy comfort and convenience on your trip to Vietnam.


Vietnam is a country that has many attractive places to visit, and for this reason, every year, the country gets a lot of tourists. They come to the country to spend quality time with their loved ones.

The Van Don International Airport is the newest addition to the list of airports in Vietnam. It is located in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam.

Do you want to visit Van Don Island of Vietnam? You will indeed fall in love with Van Don’s natural scenery as it is majestic like a sea battle. This is one of the best and beautiful tourist spots of the northern part of Vietnam.

Love travelling? Then you must visit Vietnam. Anyone with a keen soul of wanderer will fall in love with Vietnam’s lush green land, warm sunny weather, its oceans and rivers and of course the history, culture, tradition that is engraved into its pagodas, mausoleums, markets, and  people.

If you enjoy going on vacation on sea beaches, then you will enjoy the country of Vietnam. This is a Southeast Asian country on the coasts of the East Vietnam Sea.

I’ve seen many images of Ha Long bay, heard much about the beauty of Ha Long. I know that Halong bay is very nice and had secretly wished to set foot once.

The Van Don Airport Meet and Greet concierge services permit the clients to have a smooth excursion at the air terminal. The travelers get direction from the time they enter the air terminal until the time they step out of the air terminal.

Von Don International airport is one of the seven international air terminals of Vietnam. It is also one of the newest addition in the list of Vietnam airports.