February 5, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival via Van Don Airport

Do you want to visit Van Don Island of Vietnam? You will indeed fall in love with Van Don’s natural scenery as it is majestic like a sea battle. This is one of the best and beautiful tourist spots of the northern part of Vietnam. Van don is not busy and noisy like Ha Long Bay.

What better place there could be to spend your holidays or weekend than Van Don Island? This island has beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue water and mountains that create a romantic and picturesque of nature. In fact, the people call Van Don Island as “the heaven in life.” Besides, Van Don is renowned for its beautiful landscapes with more than 500 wild islands that allure tourists from various parts of the world. They are also famous for the history of the bustling commercial port.

Van Don Airport is the destination port to visit this island. However, you will need a valid visa to enter and exit Vietnam. The Vietnam visa can be obtained by applying through embassy or visa on arrival. While embassy is the standard option, Visa on arrival is an alternative and convenient method to obtain a Vietnam visa on arrival via Van Don Airport.

Everything you need to know about visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is an excellent option for travelers who wish to visit Vietnam, but there is no embassy of Vietnam in their country. Right now, the Visa on arrival is accepted at the following international airports in Vietnam:-

However, travellers who enter by land and seaports cannot obtain a visa on arrival. Yes, it is applicable for air travelers only as they have to pick the visa at the destination airport upon arrival. If you are entering Vietnam through land or sea, you can obtain a visa by embassy or e-visa, regardless of the purpose of the visit.

The visa on arrival is the same as the visa issued by the Vietnamese embassy. Yes, it has the same limitation and condition. One of the major difference of the visa on arrival and other methods is you can get your visa stamped upon arrival in Vietnam. However, with approval letter you are allowed to fly but not enter Vietnam. You still have to get your visa stamped on the passport.

The fee for visa on arrival depends on the type of visa you choose. Be aware that 3 months multiple entry visas are subject to be restricted at times. Before finalizing your plans and booking the tickets, check whether you can get the approval letter on the required data.

How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival via Van Don Airport?

Application form

The first thing you need to do is fill out the secure online application form online. Give your personal information such as full name, passport number, nationality, date of birth, airport, date of arrival and departure, and type of visa. Don’t forget to select the Van Don airport if you want to visit the northern part of Vietnam.  Check and verify all the details you have given matches with the information on the passport. You could also select fast track service and cab pick-up to avoid standing on long queues to stamp your visa.

Visa approval letter

Once you fill the details, you have to pay a visa processing fee of $25 with your credit or debit card.  After the application submission and payment are successful, you will receive a reference code in your email. Save the code as you may need to check the status of your application or for future reference. You will receive the approval letter in 2-3 business days in your email. Please print the copy of your approval letter and also the entry and exit form. Take all the documents with you on the day of your trip.

Visa stamping

Upon arrival at the Van Don Airport, submit the approval letter, passport, 2 passport size photograph, and visa stamping fee of $50 to the immigration officer on the visa on arrival counter. The officer will check all your details entered and give a visa stamp.

Visa on arrival offers many benefits to the tourists such as, save time, quick process, and convenient. Apply for the visa on arrival and enter Vietnam without any hassles.

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Love travelling? Then you must visit Vietnam. Anyone with a keen soul of wanderer will fall in love with Vietnam’s lush green land, warm sunny weather, its oceans and rivers and of course the history, culture, tradition that is engraved into its pagodas, mausoleums, markets, and  people.

If you enjoy going on vacation on sea beaches, then you will enjoy the country of Vietnam. This is a Southeast Asian country on the coasts of the East Vietnam Sea.

I’ve seen many images of Ha Long bay, heard much about the beauty of Ha Long. I know that Halong bay is very nice and had secretly wished to set foot once.

The Van Don Airport Meet and Greet concierge services permit the clients to have a smooth excursion at the air terminal. The travelers get direction from the time they enter the air terminal until the time they step out of the air terminal.

Von Don International airport is one of the seven international air terminals of Vietnam. It is also one of the newest addition in the list of Vietnam airports.

For experiencing the thrill of adventures and sightseeing, travelling is fun. Travelers claim to experience a complete hassle of the journey before they drift towards Vietnam and its natural beauty.

Traveling is fun when it is related to sightseeing and experiencing the thrill-seeking adventures. However, many travelers experience a full of hassle journey before they drift towards the natural beauty of Vietnam.

Traveling can be fun but only when the initial part of it is calm. Yea, we are talking about the airport.