February 6, 2020
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Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet service: Crucial things you need to know

Whether you are a foodie, a beach hopper or an adventure seeker, Vietnam has something in store for everyone. It is a beautiful country with almost every kind of landscape and is gradually emerging as a hot travel destination. Apart from natural beauty, another reason to visit Vietnam is its affordability. When it comes to food, accommodation, transportation and activities, it is much cheaper when compared to any other country. It costs less in one week what it costs in a single day in other countries. Hence you can afford to explore more when you go on a trip to Vietnam. However, you may have to face a lot of inconveniences when you land up at Vietnam airport. You will have to wait in a long queue to get yourĀ visa stamp. There isĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service to help you complete the airport formalities with ease and speed. The service allows you to have a smooth start on arrival by offering a visa fast-track through all the immigration formalities.

What is the Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet service?

This service allows you to get a visa stamp and collect your luggage in a hassle-free manner at Vietnamese airport. In the meantime, you can relax and take rest since you are tired after a hectic flight journey. TheĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service complete all the immigration formalities on your behalf. A team of expert professionals take care of the entire procedure. The service aims to save your valuable time that gets lost when you have to stand in a long line. When you avail of this service, you can avoid all the inconveniences.

You need to complete all the necessary procedures at the airport when you enter the country or depart. You should also note that you donā€™t miss any of the processes, which may create some problems later. TheĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service make sure that all the formalities are completed on time. Before you opt for this service, you need to know the crucial things about the services offered.

1. Arrival services

When you arrive at the Vietnam airport, you will have to wait in a long line at the immigration counter. This will make you feel frustrated after a long journey on the flight. On availingĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service, you will be guided from the time you arrive till you leave. One of the representatives will be waiting for you at the airport terminal, holding a welcome board with your name. They assist you through all the airport formalities, help you with the baggage claim and save valuable time.

2. Transit services

If you are a transit passenger having tight layover time,Ā Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet, service is of great help. When you have a few minutes left to catch your next flight, this service can be very advantageous. The representative helps you to bypass the long line and take you towards the departure terminal. The service makes sure that you can catch the next flight.

3. Departure services

When you board a flight, the meet and greet service helps you to bypass the security and immigration counters easily. The representatives escort you to the departure hall, where you can sit back and wait for your next flight.

4. Baggage porter services

It doesnā€™t matter how many bags you carry because the meet and greet baggage porter service comes to your rescue. They relieve you from the burden of carrying your luggage and help you at check-in and baggage reclaim. The service is beneficial for older adults, pregnant women, woman with kids and people who are very busy.

5. Car services

When you land up at Vietnam airport for the first time, it is a new place for you. It may not be easy for you to book a car and reach the destination. TheĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ car services will book a vehicle for you.

A driver will be waiting for you outside the airport to drop you at the destination. You donā€™t need to go through the hassle of finding a taxi on your own.

AvailĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service and get a hassle-free visa stamping experience.


Why do we need a visa? If you travel abroad, passport and visa are equally important. As a matter of fact, the visa is written permission by the authorities of a foreign country.

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam very soon? If yes, then get ready to get a comprehensiveĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and AssistĀ service as well. Once you turn up at the concerned airport terminal, you will get this special privilege.

When you plan for a trip to Vietnam, you need to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam. The country has listed some countries in the visa exemption list.

Traveling to Vietnam this summer? Undoubtedly, Vietnam is a beautiful getaway destination with mesmerizing golden coasts along the East Vietnam Sea, the broad and deep rivers, mausoleums, and many such picturesque destinations. Visit this South East Asian country if you want to experience a unique culture, tradition, and cuisine.

Are you planning a trip to Vietnam very soon? If yes, then get ready to get a comprehensiveĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and AssistĀ service as well. Once you turn up at the concerned airport terminal, you will get this special privilege.

This is one of the most common questions inquired by the foreigners who plan their visit to Vietnam. Actually, most travelers who are looking to visit Vietnam find it hard to complete the visa stamping process at the international airports.

If you are traveling to Vietnam with Visa on arrival visa type. Then you must be aware of the immigration procedure you have to take after landing at the airport.