February 4, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa – All You Need To Know!

When you plan for a trip to Vietnam, you need to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam. The country has listed some countries in the visa exemption list. If you are a citizen of the country in the visa exemption list, then you can visit Vietnam and stay in the country with a visa for a maximum of 15 days. On the other hand, if you need to stay more than 15 days, then you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa for sure. Even though there are three methods to apply Vietnam visa, most people prefer applying the visa through Vietnam landing visa. Continue reading this article will provide you insight into the Vietnam landing visa.

What Is Vietnam Landing Visa?

Vietnam landing visa is one of the simple procedures to apply Vietnam visa. All you need to do is choose the right travel agency and apply for your Vietnam visa through them. This helps to get your visa in short time. Using Vietnam landing visa, you can apply for visa and get the approval letter. With that approval letter, you can travel to Vietnam. At the destination airport, you can get your original visa and enter the country.

How To Apply For Vietnam Landing Visa?

Make sure to choose the 100% risk-free travel agency to apply your Vietnam visa. They help you get the visa in short time.

Step 1: Fill The Online Application Form

After choosing the travel agency, you need to fill the online application form provided in the travel agency website. Make sure to fill each field with correct information. Providing wrong information can lead to rejection of visa application by the government.

Step 2: Pay The Visa Service Fee

Once you complete filling the visa application form, you need to pay service charge online. You can use your credit or debit card to pay the service fee. No cash payment allowed.

Step 3: Receive Your Visa Approval Letter

Once you complete the application process, you will receive the visa approval letter to your email. So be sure to give the correct email address while providing the details in the application. Once you receive your visa approval letter, you need to take a copy of it.

Step 4: Get Your Visa

Once you reach your destination airport, you need to submit the copy of visa approval letter to the visa upon arrival counter and pay the stamping fee. Then the immigration officer will stamp your visa on your passport. With that you can enter the country.

The Vietnam landing visa process is such a simple, easy and time saving task that you can opt for getting your Vietnam visa.

Things To Know Before Applying For Vietnam Landing Visa

If you plan to apply for the Vietnam landing visa, then you need to know a few things to have a stress-free procedure.

Type Of Visa Available

When it comes to Vietnam landing visa, there are four types of visa available for you. You can choose the one that suits your need.

  • Single entry visa for 1 month
  • Multiple entries visa for 1 month
  • Single entry visa for 3 months
  • Multiple entries visa for 3 months

Stamping Fee

Similar to visa type, you need to know the details of stamping fee that you need to pay at the visa upon arrival counter at the destination airport. You have to pay 25 USD as stamping fee for single entry visas and 50 USD for multiple entries visa. Also, it is compulsory to pay the fee with ready cash. Online payment or card payment is not allowed for paying stamping fee.

Airports That Accept Vietnam Landing Visa

Before applying for Vietnam landing visa, you need to know your destination airport. For that you must know the airports that accept the Vietnam landing visa. Only five airports in Vietnam will accept the Vietnam landing visa and they are

While applying for Vietnam landing visa, make sure you are well known about the basic requirements for applying the Vietnam landing visa.

  • Your passport should be valid at least 6 months from the date of entry
  • Make sure your passport contains 2 blank pages to stamp your visa
  • You should have 2 photos and soft copy of it
  • Check whether your credit/debit card contains balance to pay your visa service fee while applying the visa


While applying for Vietnam landing visa, you need to choose a reliable travel agency to apply your visa. They make your visa application process smooth and stress-free. You can get your visa approval letter earlier and make your trip a peaceful one.


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