January 28, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Is It Worth Paying VIP Fast Track Service?

This is one of the most common questions inquired by the foreigners who plan their visit to Vietnam. Actually, most travelers who are looking to visit Vietnam find it hard to complete the visa stamping process at the international airports. Still, many of them are unwilling to take the fast track service. Though you have to pay additionally for the VIP fast track service, it is worth paying for many good reasons.

What can you expect from the VIP fast track service?

If you are intending to opt for the Vietnam visa VIP fast track service, it is a good idea. This is because – you can bypass the lengthy queues and reach the VIP counter for the stamping process. In this counter, you can get the visa stamped within a few minutes on arriving. The agency staff will take care of the visa process, if you submit all the necessary documents to them. Once you get through the visa process, you can head to the visa landing counter to collect the passport and visa.

Who can choose the VIP fast track service?

Anyone who is looking to save their valuable time and divert from the procedures at the Vietnam Airport can very well use this service. Apart from this, the following people are advised to use this service

  • A first time visitor to Vietnam
  • Who does not have the patience to wait at the queue and looks to get the visa stamped quickly
  • Parent traveling with small children
  • Passengers traveling in big group
  • Business people
  • Pregnant women
  • People with physical disabilities
  • Elderly people

Difference between standard and VIP fast track service

The Vietnam visa VIP Fast Track service is designed to meet the growing needs of the travelers. This service deals with the following –

  • The agent will get the visa stamped at the Visa on Arrival desk on your behalf
  • The staff will also help you get across the airport security check
  • They will also help you with your luggage

The major difference between the standard and VIP fast track service is that the staff will only get the visa stamped on your passport in the regular standard service. Whereas in the VIP fast track service the staff will carry out the three steps mentioned above. Moreover in the VIP fast track service, the representative will accompany you from the baggage collection to the security check to speed up in every process and escort you till your booked car that is waiting outside the airport to pick you up.

How can you apply for VIP fast track service?

If you are looking to choose the Vietnam visa VIP fast track service, you need to opt for it while apply for the Visa on Arrival online. You can also get the help of an agency to apply for Visa on arrival online. While filling up the form online, make sure to furnish the personal details like – Name, date of birth, passport details, date of arrival, departure and at the end choose the VIP fast track service. Ensure to key in the right information, for the Visa stamping process on arrival. In case, if the details do not match with the information on the passport, there are many chances that the Vietnamese government might cancel your visa and your amount will not be paid back.

Reasons why you must choose the VIP fast track service?

  1. Saves Time – With the VIP fast track service, you will be able to save a lot of time. Just imagine, you are heading out to attend an important meeting in Vietnam or you have a connecting flight from there, it is quite obvious that you don’t have the time to wait in long queue. When there is an opportunity as the VIP fast track service, why would you want to suffer? Avail this service and save your time by accomplishing the purpose of your visit.
  2. Language barriers – Language is one of the most important hurdles while traveling abroad. Though Vietnam has officially announced English as the second language, but the level of language is pretty limited. The young people communicate good English, but the older citizens of Vietnam struggle to communicate in English. At the airport, the Customs officers and aviation staffs use English. However, not all airport staffs are good with their English pronunciation. When you get the VIP fast track service, your representative will communicate on your behalf, and make your transit easy.
  3. Comfortable – The VIP fast track service makes the travelers feel comfortable by helping them get away from the tiresome immigration procedures at the Vietnam airport. This service has helped many travelers across the globe by keeping them at ease during the visa stamping process and making them feel like they should revisit the country again.

If you are looking to get more details on the Vietnam VIP Fast track service, get in touch with a reliable agency in Vietnam that offers a 100% money guarantee, in case the cheap Vietnam visa gets declined!


If you are traveling to Vietnam with Visa on arrival visa type. Then you must be aware of the immigration procedure you have to take after landing at the airport.

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries for the tourist, as it has many beautiful places to visit. People plan to spend their vacation with family or friends in Vietnam.

Though the visa on arrival is considered to be the best for any foreign traveler intending to travel to Vietnam, it might not be a delightful experience waiting at the queue. Yes, Visa on Approval calls for waiting at the customs desk for hours to wait for the visa stamping process.

Are you worried about standing in long queues at the international airport of Vietnam? Well, in case if you are in hurry or looking to minimize waste time, you can make use of Vietnam visa Fast track services. In this service the agents will await the passenger’s arrival from the air-bridge.

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