January 21, 2020
Meet and Assist

Know How Vietnam Airport Meet and Assist Service Helps the Travelers

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries for the tourist, as it has many beautiful places to visit. People plan to spend their vacation with family or friends in Vietnam. Also, many business people visit Vietnam for business purposes. The Vietnam Airport meet and assist service will help both the tourist and business people to complete all the procedures in the airport.

Why Choose Vietnam Airport Meet And Assist Service?

Vietnam airport meet and assist service can be applied only by the travelers traveling by air. A few reasons to choose Vietnam airport meet and assist service are

  • The Vietnam airport meet and assist service can help you complete all the necessary process done in the airport
  • They will guide you throughout the airport and save your time
  • Hassel-free process

Before applying for Vietnam airport meet and assist service, you need to apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter Vietnam.

How to Apply For Vietnam Visa?

Applying visa for Vietnam is a simple process. You can apply via any of the three methods: Contacting the Vietnam embassy in your country, or applying for Vietnam visa on arrival, or applying for Vietnam E-visa.

Since contacting the Vietnam embassy in your country and applying for the visa takes more time, most people prefer visa on arrival process. To apply for visa on arrival, you need to complete the online form provided in the traveling agency website. After completing the application form, you need to pay the service fee online. After that, you will receive the visa approval letter to your email within four to five days. You need to submit the letter in the destination airport to get your visa. In case of Vietnam E-visa, the procedure is similar to visa on arrival. The difference is, you will receive the approval letter earlier than visa on arrival methods. Also, the cost is a bit higher compared to visa on arrival method. To apply for Vietnam visa, make sure to contact the trustworthy traveling agency.

What Is Meet And Assist Service?

During Arrival

While you arrive at the Vietnam airport, English speaking agents will wait near the air bridge with your name board. Once they identify you, they will assist you through the visa or passport control and do the needed. They will also escort you to the customs area and the baggage. Once you complete all the necessary procedures in the airport, the agents will help you find a taxi to reach the location you are about to reach. In case, if you have booked a connection flight, they will assist you to check in for your next flight.

During Departure

While you departure from Vietnam, the agent will contact your driver and find you when you reach the airport. From there the agent will assist you through check-in and immigration. Then, they will guide you reach the boarding gate or the airline lounge.

During Connections

In case you have booking for a connection flight, the agents will wait near the air bridge and meet you. Then, they will escort and guide you through the arrival, departure and transfer processes that are required for your connection. Then they will help you reach the airline gate or lounge.

Availability of Fast Track Service

The fast track service helps people coming from other countries to avoid roaming here and there in the airport without knowing the exact place to complete the procedures in the airport. By booking a fast track service, you will be guided from the air bridge and make you complete all the necessary procedures in the airport and get a reliable taxi service to reach your destination in Vietnam. The fast track service is available for

  • All major airports
  • Any cabin class
  • Any airline
  • Any traveler

The agents provide Vietnam Airport meet and assist service for both domestic and international terminals. The Vietnam airport meet and assist service will be provided for almost all the airports in Vietnam.

If you are coming to Vietnam from a long distance and feeling tired to complete all the necessary procedures in the airport, then you can opt for meet and assist service. In case, you are traveling with your kids, then getting the help of the Vietnam meet and assist service will save you from hassles. It helps you to avoid spending hours to pass through the airport formalities and processing your visa to enter Vietnam.

If you are planning for a Vietnam Airport meet and assist service, make sure that you choose the right agent for you. By choosing the reliable agent, you can have a hassle-free service that makes your travel a pleasant one. You can also reach your hotel earlier and have a rest for some time. So make use of the Vietnam airport meet and assist service.


Though the visa on arrival is considered to be the best for any foreign traveler intending to travel to Vietnam, it might not be a delightful experience waiting at the queue. Yes, Visa on Approval calls for waiting at the customs desk for hours to wait for the visa stamping process.

Are you worried about standing in long queues at the international airport of Vietnam? Well, in case if you are in hurry or looking to minimize waste time, you can make use of Vietnam visa Fast track services. In this service the agents will await the passenger’s arrival from the air-bridge.

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