January 17, 2020
Visa Fast Track

What Is Vietnam Visa Fast Track Airport Services?

Are you worried about standing in long queues at the international airport of Vietnam? Well, in case if you are in hurry or looking to minimize waste time, you can make use of Vietnam visa Fast track services. In this service the agents will await the passenger’s arrival from the air-bridge. These agents also stand close to the travelers at the landing visa area to assist them.  The Fast track services are available for both check-in and checkout to help travelers stay away from the stress of queues.

What is a Vietnam Fast-Track service?

The Vietnam Fast-Track service aids the travelers to save the time wasted by waiting at the long lines at the landing visa Counter. Upon arriving at the Vietnam international Airport, the agents will assist you in every step of the procedure to enter the country.  Also with this service, you can get the passport stamped in some minutes.

Where is the Vietnam Fast-Track service available?

The Vietnam Fast-Track services are available at three International Airports in Vietnam – Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Noi Bai International Airport and Da Nang International Airport. The services are available to the passengers of all flights.

Types of Services Offered

There are two different types of services available, when you are looking out for a Vietnam visa fast track service. They are –

(i) Fast Track – In this fast track service, the appropriate staff will greet you in person to deal with your entry process into Vietnam. You just have to pay for the charges for visa stamping fee. This staff member will get your passport stamped with the visa, whereas you can relax at the waiting area.

(ii) VIP Service – You will get the feel of a VIP with this service.  Any traveler choosing this service gets the same treatment like that of any famous celebrity. Apart from getting the visa, this facility helps with handling of luggage too. You will be welcomed and escorted personally Just like a VIP.

How much does the Fast Track Services Cost?

The price of Vietnam visa fast track service varies subject to which airport you are going to choose in Vietnam.  This Airport Fast Track costs $25 at the Ho Chi Minh airport, $48 at the Da Nang airport, $46 at the Nha Trang city airport and $30 in Hanoi airport.

Who Benefits from this Service?

Any foreign passenger can take advantage of the Vietnam Visa Fast Track service. But the following type of travelers can significantly benefit from these services –

  • A traveler visits Vietnam on business purpose or to attend an important seminar/meeting and does not have time to waste.
  • First time visitors to Vietnam, who doesn’t know how to get the visa stamped.
  • Passengers who are traveling in large groups
  • Pregnant women
  • Women traveling with babies or small children
  • Physically challenged persons with limited agility

How Can You Apply for the Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service?

Here’s how Vietnam visa fast track service can support you with your travel into the country –

  • When you attempt to apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival, opt for the Airport Fast Track Service along with it. Simply fill out the form with your precise personal details, comprising of the details about your trip. Submit the application form after you are done with providing the details. Wait for an email from the Vietnam government for your pre-approval letter.
  • After you are given the pre-approval letter, take a print and carry it along with you during your transit. Upon reaching the airport look out for the staff carrying a banner with your name.
  • When you meet the staff at the airport, hand over the pre-approval letter to them. You must also hand them over the entry and exit form, along with 2 passport sized photos. Handout the stamping fee and leisurely wait, while the staff gets your visa.
  • As soon as the staff returns with your stamped passport, you can enter Vietnam after the security check.

In the event of availing the VIP service, the staff will convey your luggage and guide you all the way to your car.

Advantages of using Vietnam visa fast track service

The following are the advantages –

  • (i) The tiring waiting time at queue for visa can be avoided
  • (ii) No delay in services
  • (iii) The traveler will be received from the aircraft gate
  • (iv) Assistance is provided in every step of the process
  • (v) The passenger is escorted through “fast track” immigration
  • (vi) Porters are available on request to carry your baggage
  • (vi) Executive car service is provided at the right time, if booked in advance
  • (vii) The Vietnam visa fast track service can be customized as per the passenger’s requirements

Ultimately the Vietnam visa fast track service is a boon to any traveler intending to travel to Vietnam!


Though the visa on arrival is considered to be the best for any foreign traveler intending to travel to Vietnam, it might not be a delightful experience waiting at the queue. Yes, Visa on Approval calls for waiting at the customs desk for hours to wait for the visa stamping process.

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Are you looking forward to having a vacation in Vietnam? If so, then take a look at the article to know about the Vietnam airport concierge services for VIP fast track. This will help you to get the visa quickly.