February 3, 2020
Meet and Greet

Integral Aspects of Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet Service

Traveling to Vietnam this summer? Undoubtedly, Vietnam is a beautiful getaway destination with mesmerizing golden coasts along the East Vietnam Sea, the broad and deep rivers, mausoleums, and many such picturesque destinations. Visit this South East Asian country if you want to experience a unique culture, tradition, and cuisine.

But before traveling, it is worth knowing about theĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service. If you want to have a smooth transition through the airport, you can avail of this service. The lines at customs in Vietnam Airports can be pretty long, especially during the holiday season. But with this service, you can skip those lines.

What is Vietnam Airport Meet and Greet?

This particular service is available at all major airports in Vietnam. It allows you to go through airport formalities thoroughly, quickly, and easily with the help of an agent. This service was started correctly to help travelers have a pleasant traveling experience at Vietnam airports.

The details of the procedure

TheĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service is available for both arrival and departure. If you are arriving at one of the Vietnam airports, you will get the assistance of an agent throughout this service. The agent will wait for you at the airport. Upon landing, he will meet you and invite you, and a porter will take care of your luggage. The agent will guide you through the immigration procedures swiftly while you wait. This way, you can avoid the long lines at the counters.

If you are departing from one of the Vietnam airports, then the agent will meet you at the airport and attach tags on your luggage for further ease in your journey. He will then help you go through the check-in procedure quickly and easily. Then you can take some rest until your flight time.

For VIPs

There is aĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service for VIPs as well. The VIP meet and service will assign you an agent who will wait for you at the airport with a banner that contains your name. Then he will take care of the airport formalities and your baggage while you rest. You can avail vehicle also with this service with a little extra charge.

Why opt for it?

There are quite a few benefits to thisĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service. First of all, you donā€™t have to wait in long lines for hours after a long flight journey. You can skip the lines, and the agent will efficiently handle the immigration requirements for you. If there are any queries or confusion, the agent will help you with it. This way you can save time and energy.

It also permits you to book theĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service according to your flight times. Whenever you land or catch the flight, your agent will be there to assist you. Moreover, your luggage will be handled carefully by the service. You also get your stamps quickly at the airport.

Who can opt for this service?

TheĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and GreetĀ service optional, but it is available for everyone. However, it is recommended that people who donā€™t want to stand in line for hours and want to have a quick and smooth transition to and from the airport. With this service, you can save your valuable time and energy.

If you are traveling for the first time, this service will be useful to you as it provides complete guidance at the airport.

If you are traveling with kids, pregnant women, elders, disabled persons, or patients, this service will be beneficial to you. The agent will handle the airport formalities for you so you can avoid physical stress. Your luggage will also be taken care of so you donā€™t have to worry about that too.

Finally, anyone who does not have time, someone like a businessman, can opt for this service as it is speedy and hassle-free.

How to Book the service?

If you want to avail of the meet and greet service at one of the Vietnam airports, you can book it online through an authorized agent. With this service, you can quickly start your vacation in Vietnam!


Are you planning a trip to Vietnam very soon? If yes, then get ready to get a comprehensiveĀ Vietnam Airport Meet and AssistĀ service as well. Once you turn up at the concerned airport terminal, you will get this special privilege.

This is one of the most common questions inquired by the foreigners who plan their visit to Vietnam. Actually, most travelers who are looking to visit Vietnam find it hard to complete the visa stamping process at the international airports.

If you are traveling to Vietnam with Visa on arrival visa type. Then you must be aware of the immigration procedure you have to take after landing at the airport.

Vietnam is one of the most popular countries for the tourist, as it has many beautiful places to visit. People plan to spend their vacation with family or friends in Vietnam.

Though the visa on arrival is considered to be the best for any foreign traveler intending to travel to Vietnam, it might not be a delightful experience waiting at the queue. Yes, Visa on Approval calls for waiting at the customs desk for hours to wait for the visa stamping process.

Are you worried about standing in long queues at the international airport of Vietnam? Well, in case if you are in hurry or looking to minimize waste time, you can make use of Vietnam visa Fast track services. In this service the agents will await the passengerā€™s arrival from the air-bridge.

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