December 30, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-visa For Dutch; The Pros and Corns

As a Dutch citizen, are you planning to visit and stay in Vietnam in 2020? That’s great, and you have chosen the right country that creates great memories! So, in which method you are going to apply for your Vietnam visa? All the visa applying has both pros and cons. However, if you choose the right method, you can experience more pros that overcome the cons. comparing to applying for your visa at the embassy, applying for your visa online benefits you more. Vietnam visa on arrival and Vietnam e-visa for Dutch citizens are the two online visa applying options. From applying the procedure to receiving the approved visa, both options are a beneficial one. However, it has some drawbacks too. But if you choose the option based on your needs, you can minimize the cons.

Benefits of Applying Visa Online

Comparing to applying for a visa via the embassy, applying for a visa via the online method (visa on arrival, and Vietnam e-visa for Dutch) will be beneficial. Here is how!

Before the presence of the digital way of applying for a visa, if Dutch citizens want to apply for their visa, they should visit their nearby embassy, and wait in a long queue. And, when your time comes, you have to submit your original documents, which required applying for a visa. If you forget to bring any of the document that is needed, you have to go back to collect the document and return to the embassy. Here you will waste your time and money for nothing. And here, it takes more than four days for visa approval process.

Once your visa got approved, you need to check-in the embassy to collect it. Here, many people lost their original documents in a hurry. This makes the visa applying process a difficult one. To make the visa applying process as an easiest, time-saving, cost-effective, and stress-free one, the Vietnam immigration department permitted the visa on arrival and Vietnam e-visa for Dutch online method for applying for a visa.

Here are the benefits of applying visa via online,

  • Apply for your visa by yourself, and within a few minutes, you can get the applying process over.
  • Your money will be return back, if your applications rejected by the government, or if you are not satisfied with the travel agency’s service.
  • Your original certificates will be safeguarded
  • Don’t have to spend your valuable time and money on traveling to the embassy
  • No need to visit the embassy to collect your visa
  • The payment process is easy
  • Within two to three days, your visa will approve. For the customers who added on the express service, the visa gets approved even within a day of applying.

Special Advantages of Applying for Visa in Visa on Arrival Method

You will have four different types of visas in both single and multi-entries under business and tourist purposes. So, from one month to 3 months, you can choose the visa type as per your need. Also, here you can add on to the express service, where it makes your visa approved even in a day of applying.

Cons of Applying via Visa on Arrival Method

You need to collect your visa at your destination airport with the visa approval letter. You have to pay the extra cost (via ready cash) as a stamping fee to get your approved visa stamp on your passport. Also, for express service, you will be charged.

Special Advantages of Applying for Your Visa via E-visa Method

Applying for your visa via Vietnam e-visa for Dutch has a single procedure. You don’t have to check in the visa on arrival office at your destination airport at Vietnam for visa collecting process. And so you no need to pay any extra charge for it.

Cons of Applying for Visa via E-visa

You are allowed to choose only 30 days single entry visa type under both business and tourist purposes. But, the visa on arrival has more visa types to choose based on your convenience. If you add on to the express service in visa on arrival, your visa will get approved even within a day. But, you can’t make it possible visa e-visa. Here you can’t make use of multi-entry because it’s a single entry visa type.

Which Is The Right Online Method To Apply For A Visa?

As a Dutch citizen, if you want to visit and stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days with your family or friends, a visa on arrival is a convenient option for you. Under visa on arrival option, from one month to three months, you can stay in Vietnam. Also, with this visa type, you can go back to Dutch, and revisit Vietnam.

Are you a Dutch citizen who wants to visit and stay in Vietnam for 30 days with colleagues? Vietnam e-visa for Dutch is the option to choose! If you don’t have to visit back to Dutch during your visa period, then it’s a perfect choice since you can save your money by choosing this type of method.

No matter which online option you choose, choose the trustworthy travel agency for applying!


Vietnam, a country located in the Asia-Pacific region is known for being the ultimate tourist destination of all time. The country is filled with beautiful, unique and captivating places.