September 7, 2023

Vietnam E-Visa Scheme Now Opens for Citizens of The Gambia

In a groundbreaking move, Vietnam has announced that it will be opening its doors to citizens of The Gambia by granting them e-visas starting from August 15, 2023. With this new development, visitors from The Gambia can now apply for a Vietnam e-visa online, eliminating the need to visit the embassy or consulate in person. This update comes as great news for those who have been eagerly waiting to explore the beauty and culture of Vietnam. In this article, we will delve into the details of this exciting development and provide some valuable tips for a smooth and hassle-free application process.

The Benefits of Vietnam e-visa

The introduction of Vietnam e-visa for citizens of The Gambia brings forth a multitude of advantages for travelers. Firstly, the e-visa application process can be completed entirely online, saving both time and effort. Visitors no longer have to endure long queues at the embassy or consulate, as they can now conveniently apply from anywhere with an internet connection.

Moreover, the e-visa is valid for entry and exit through 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates across Vietnam. This extensive coverage ensures that travelers have flexibility in choosing their entry and exit points, making it easier to plan their itinerary according to their preferences.

Opting for Commercial Websites

For visitors who are pressed for time or desire a hassle-free experience, commercial websites offer a viable alternative for obtaining a Vietnam e-visa. These websites provide a user-friendly interface and a simplified application form, making the entire process quick and efficient. Although these services come with a higher cost, they guarantee timely delivery of the e-visa, sparing visitors from any frustrations or delays that may arise during the regular application process.

How to Apply for Vietnam e-visa

Applying for a Vietnam e-visa as a citizen of The Gambia is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Visit the official website for Vietnam e-visa application.
2. Fill in the required information accurately, including personal details, travel itinerary, and passport information.
3. Upload a recent passport-sized photograph and a scanned copy of your passport’s bio page.
4. Review and double-check all the information provided to ensure its accuracy.
5. Pay the necessary fees online through secure payment gateways.
6. Submit the application and wait for the confirmation email.

Please note that it is essential to apply well in advance of your intended travel dates to allow sufficient processing time.


The opening of Vietnam e-visa for citizens of The Gambia marks a significant milestone in international travel. With the convenience of online applications and the freedom to choose entry and exit points, visiting Vietnam has become more accessible and hassle-free than ever before. Whether you opt for the official government website or choose a commercial agent for a smoother experience, the opportunity to explore the wonders of Vietnam awaits. Start planning your trip today and embark on a memorable adventure in this captivating country.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is subject to change. It is advised to consult official sources or commercial websites for the most up-to-date information regarding Vietnam e-visa applications.

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Citizens of The Gambia are required to have a visa to enter Vietnam. Citizens of Gambia are advised to find below for options to get a visa for Vietnam: 1.

There is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in The Gambia 🇬🇲. Options for citizens of The Gambia getting a visa for Vietnam: Visa On Arrival – Apply online for pre-approval then pick up your visa on arrival at the airport.