May 23, 2020

Vietnam transit visa – When to apply?

You may wonder whether you need a Vietnam transit visa to enter the country, if you are arriving Vietnam for a short time between flights to another city or country. It depends on the situation and the hours you spend in Vietnam.

Case 1: Less than 24 hours

While the traveler transiting through Vietnam for less than 24 hours, they don’t need a Vietnam transit visa for most cases. The reason is that the travelers will stay in the seaport or airport if the transition period is less than 24 hours. The travelers arriving at the airport for the next flight need to follow the signs provided in the airport to reach the transfer area.

The travelers must have the following to present on arrival to enter Vietnam securely

  • For your eventual destination you need to have a valid authorization documentation
  • Proof of onward travel
  • Passport with at least 6 month validity remaining

The travelers have to stay in the departure area or transit area of the seaport or airport. They can move once the next boat passage or flight is ready to board and leave towards their target destination. The travelers staying in the airport transfer area are not permitted to leave from their port of arrival. Also, they may not pass a Vietnam border crossing point. For any reason, if they have to move out from the airport, a Vietnam transit visa will be necessary.

Case 2: More than 24 hours

The travelers staying in Vietnam for more than 24 hours need a valid Vietnam transit visa. This is applicable for the travelers who wish to leave the Vietnam airport in the course of the transit period.

The travelers need to have a valid transit visa if they need to travel from their current port to departure port via travel by boat or through an onward flight. For example, if you are the traveler and reached Hanoi and planned to leave Vietnam on a boat from Hai Phong seaport, then you need to have a Vietnam transit visa to travel between these two locations.


The travelers who are transiting through Vietnam to the next destination need to apply for an E-visa. If you the traveler, then you can apply for E-visa online before your departure.

Transit visa is a short-period, temporary visa needed in some countries to stopover for a minimum of 24 hours in the country. If you are traveller who is about to stopover in Vietnam to get your destination flight, then you may need a transit visa.

If you ended up booking a flight that has a layover in Vietnam, then you’re probably wondering if there is a need for you to apply for a Vietnam transit visa. You may or may not need a transit visa, but this will also depend on certain situations.

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Following the new law No. 47/2014/QH13 on entry, exit, transit, and residence status of foreigners in Viet Nam, takes effect on 1 Jan 2015, Transit through Vietnam is provided as follows: 1.