November 3, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Complete Information And Details On Vietnam e-visa for transit ?

Vietnam is a beautiful south-east Asian country. The country is universally known for its rivers, beaches, bustling cities, and the Buddhist pagodas. Apart from that, the land is full of extremes. It means, when it’s hot it is boiling, and when it rains it feels like the ocean is pouring down from the sky.

The country stands out as one of the most popular countries in the south-east Asian region and is an ideal place for all the backpackers across the globe.  However, the tourism industry of Vietnam is also the fastest growing tourist destination of all time. This is because, by the year 2018, Vietnam received about 15.5 million international visitors, which is ten times more than the year 2000, when the country receives only 2.1million.

The length of the country measured from north to the south is approximately 1800km and takes around 36 hours to travel from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, to discover and explore the country, you will need a visa for around 30 days which is the only way for you to enter the country. However, it is not a problem if you want to┬á transit in Vietnam for couple of days or even less than 1 day. Don’t for get to apply for an e-visa for your transit trip (Please make sure you are citizens of Country list for Vietnam e-visa)

What is a Vietnam transit visa?

When entering the country, the Vietnam transit visa is given to all the visitors by the Vietnam Immigration Department, and it is just one of those visas that are given to all foreigners who pay a visit to the country. The validity of the Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose is for 30 days with only a single entry and takes about 2-3 working days to process the visa. If you require the visa urgently, the representatives will also perform the rush processing method to provide you an e-visa according to your given time.

Steps were taken when applying for a Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose.

Citizens of selected countries that are eligible for Vietnam e-visa (Country list for Vietnam e-visa) who are transiting Vietnam to an onward destination can  for an e-visa for Vietnam with transit purpose, they are taking the chance to apply online before they make their transit trip to Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose is required to be submitted at least 72 hours before the individual takes on an outward flight to Vietnam. For applying an e-visa for transit purpose, individuals are requested to submit:

  • Personal information, which includes the full name, birth and passport details.
  • A digital passport photo of your face.
  • Individuals are required to answer all the questions related to their trip in Vietnam.
  • A digital scan copy of the passport is required, which has a validity of 6 months left.
  • The payment of the e-visa┬áfees should be done with either debit or credit card.

Once the Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose is approved, a copy of the e-visa will be sent to the email address of the applicant, they are requested to print off the e-Visa form and produce them at the immigration control before passing through. If you are not sure whether you will be granted permission to enter the country or not, it is important to check all the e-visa requirements. That will help you ensure whether or not you will be granted access to the country through the online system.

Individuals who are transiting Vietnam under 24 hours

Travelers and visitors who arrive in Vietnam with an intention to stay in the country for less than 24 hours, will not require a visa they stay in transit area. Please note that you are required to have a visa for transit if you have to go out of the transit area for collecting baggages for your transit flight (please check with your airlines to make sure about this).

In order to go to the baggage claim area, you are required you go through the passport control. You are unable to collect your baggages and change the flight if you don’t have a visa and also you are not citizens of countries who is exempted from Vietnam visa.

The individuals who are staying at the transfer area will not be provided the permission to leave their port of arrival and try to access the country and the Vietnam border crossing region. The Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose will become necessary if individuals or tourists wish to leave their transfer area for their reasons.


Vietnam is a popular tourist spot that is frequented by families and solo travelers all through the year. The country is known for its flexible and user-friendly visa policies and regulations that have provisions for everyone.

Did you make plans to pay a visit to the beautiful south-east Asian country of Vietnam? If so, then you are have chosen the perfect nation to explore, discover and learn. The country is loved and respected for its unique culture, colorful heritage and the authentic yet delicious cuisine.

Whenever you travel to any new foreign destination, the first question that comes up is regarding the Visa of the place. All of those who have the experience of globetrotting must be aware of how hassling and tiresome it gets to get your visa ready according to your travel plans.

Getting a Vietnam e-visa for Indian citizens is really easy. They can use the e-visa for tourism or work purposes and stay in the country for thirty days.

The expansive landscape of Vietnam, which covers an area of 1,650 km from north to south, has always attracted travelers from far and wide. From the 3,000 km long coastline to the other unforgettable vistas, the country has a lot to offer to the travelers.

The passport holders from 24 countries can come to Vietnam without visa, with the duration of stay allowed depending on the nationality (Please see Vietnam visa waiver program for more details). The travelers from all others countries need to have a visa for entering the country.