November 2, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Important Facts to Know About Applying for Vietnam E-Visa For Tourist

The passport holders from 24 countries can come to Vietnam without visa, with the duration of stay allowed depending on the nationality (Please see Vietnam visa waiver program for more details). The travelers from all others countries need to have a visa for entering the country. The good thing is that tourist e-visa is available online for citizens of 81 countries to apply for, and that allows travelers to stay for a month in the country. With the availability of e-Visa, the travelers no longer need to face the hassles of going to the embassy or standing at the long queues at the visa desk for getting their visa on arrival. Just completing and submitting a simple online application sets the process of getting an e-visa in motion, and within three days the e-visa reaches the email address of the applicant.

So, what exactly does Vietnam e-visa for tourist mean?

The online tourist visa for Vietnam, also called the e-Visa, is basically an electronic travel authorization that lets the citizens of eligible countries to come to Vietnam for thirty days to for vacation, work, or any other such purposes. The online application is super easy and quick to fill in. All an applicant needs for completing the application is an internet connection, and a computer, mobile, or tablet.

Applicants have to meet the requirements for Vietnam e-visa for tourist at first. The following are the important requirements if you are planning to apply for an online visa to the country. You need to have:

  • A passport that is valid for at least a month after your arrival in Vietnam. There has to be at least two blank pages inside your passport to get the entry stamps.
  • The application submitted from outside the country.
  • A valid debit or credit card for paying the e-visa fee in full at the time of applying.
  • A current email address where you can get the copy of the e-Visa, in a PDF format, to be shown at the border while entering Vietnam.

In order to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for tourist, you just need to fill up an online form by answering a couple of basic questions. The questions range from your personal details and passport information, to health and security information. In spite of answering all the questions, you will not need more than a few minutes to complete the application form.

Do you need to apply for Vietnam e-visa for tourist?

Vietnam is a beautiful country that receives tourists from far and wide all through the year. Some of the tourists come to gaze at its natural beauty, as is seen in the Cau Vang Golden Bridge in the Ba Na Hills, and the Ha Long Bay. Others come to the country to soak in the buzz of its happening cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi.

Many individuals also come to Vietnam for work, as in to attend meetings and conferences, and other such reasons for business traveling. In order to make sure that your stay in Vietnam is everything that you hoped for, apply online for the e-visa at the earliest.

The processing time for Vietnam e-visa for tourist

The usual processing time for Vietnam e-visa for tourist takes anywhere between 24 hours to 72 hours. Only in rare scenarios it can take longer than that. Applicants are advised to forward their application at least a week before their arrival date to make sure that there’s enough time for the e-visa to get processed. Make sure that there are no complications or unnecessary delays in processing the application form by checking it closely and revising any mistakes that you might have made accidentally.

Applicants get the approved tourism e-visa, for entering Vietnam, in PDF format at the email address that was provided at the time of applying. A printed copy of the online application has to be shown at the Vietnamese border, including the relevant passport, which was used at the time of applying.

Validity and duration for Vietnam e-visa for tourist

The online tourist visa that you can get for Vietnam is valid for only one entry into the country and you can stay for up to thirty days during this time.  The same tourist e-visa cannot be used for leaving and coming to the country one more time.

You have another alternative to not applying online for the e-visa. You can choose to go for visa on arrival, which is available at the international airport of Vietnam for most of the same nations that can opt for e-Visa. For visa on arrival, you will get a validation period of about thirty or ninety days. However, visa on arrival means standing in snaking queues and handling too many paperwork compared to the easy accessibility of the e-Visa.

You can use your e-Visa to gain entry in the country for any of the given purposes, like:

  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Education
  • Visiting relatives and friends
  • Investing in any Vietnamese company
  • A conference or an official visit
  • Employment for a short-term

For any other questions that you have regarding Vietnam e-visa for tourist, just drop the queries in the comment box and we are here to answer you.

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Whenever you travel to any new foreign destination, the first question that comes up is regarding the Visa of the place. All of those who have the experience of globetrotting must be aware of how hassling and tiresome it gets to get your visa ready according to your travel plans.

Getting a Vietnam e-visa for Indian citizens is really easy. They can use the e-visa for tourism or work purposes and stay in the country for thirty days.

The expansive landscape of Vietnam, which covers an area of 1,650 km from north to south, has always attracted travelers from far and wide. From the 3,000 km long coastline to the other unforgettable vistas, the country has a lot to offer to the travelers.

So, you are planning to visit Vietnam for work or travel, and all you are worried about is the lengthy process and the associated hassles of applying for visa. The good news is that you can get the application process completed and receive the visa in no time with Vietnam e-Visa.

Overview about Vietnam visa policy Vietnam visa policy has been improved in the past few years to promote the development of tourism industry. The number of international tourists to Vietnam is growing steadily.

How to apply?
October 21, 2019

Please note that visa on arrival differences with the process and getting visa at Vietnam embassies. In order to get visa on arrival at the international airports of Vietnam, visitors must hold the visa approval letter from the Immigration Department of Vietnam which allows to pick up your visa on arrival.