October 23, 2019
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Vietnam Travel and Visa for Indians

Planning a solo trip is super easy. Select a random spot based on your preferred locations, book tickets, pack your backpack, and start the journey. But when it comes to arranging a family vacation, well, its something more than just a daunting task. Being an IT professional, I am always running out of time, but when my father asked me to plan a foreign trip for everybody, I felt intimidated.

I started watching travel videos on Youtube and discovered the treasures of Vietnam in one vlog. Yes, Vietnam is a bit off-beat option when it comes to travel, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s just ideal for a family vacation. I shared my choice with my family, and everybody appreciated that. But the next time was to sort out the major issue, applying for ‘Vietnam visa for Indians’.

I started doing my research for getting Vietnam visa for Indians (the guy who made the vlog, mentioned about it). Because I hardly had the time to visit the embassy and do all the documentation. Apart from that, my parents are old enough to take that process.

I started asking my friends and researching the most effortless Visa process. Because it was my first family foreign holiday and I wanted it to be hassle-free.

Google saved me, and I came to know about the facility of getting a Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians. I was more than happy. I did not know this kind of advantage. This Vietnam visa on arrival for Indians thing made me a fan of Vietnam tourism and hospitality. Now, if you people are also willing to get the facility, then the following steps will help you out.

How To Get Vietnam visa for Indians?

The Application Form

Official documentation, no matter how trivial it is, will always need a good old application form. Here we are talking about VISA, so the application form is the most important step which you need to take.

Pay extra attention while filling up that application form. One single mistake can ruin your trip. Or better to say you can be stuck in the airport. Remember the movie ‘The Terminal’!

So take a deep breath, relax, and patiently fill up that form. The information you need to provide is your full name, DOB or date of birth, passport number, and nationality.

You also need to mention info about your arrival date and arrival airport. Now select the Visa option or type you need.

Review and Process the Payment

Your visa will comprise the data or details; you have specified in the application form. Recheck them to avoid any future hurdles. That’s better than staying at the airport. And if you are going with family, then you are in charge of their well-being as well.

Now that you have done with the application form, pay the visa service amount. It can be done through different payment modes, Choose as per your comfort:

  • PayPal
  • Western Union
  • OnePay
  • Banking Transfer (I prefer this)

Receiving Approval

After paying the service fee, you will receive the Vietnam Visa Approval Letter via mail. So check your inbox, junk mail, and spam folders also. Once you got the mail, the real tasks begin:

You will get the Visa approval letter, and there will two other documents with it. These are entry and exit forms. Download those forms, take print outs, and fill up the firms with required details.

Keep those forms aside. Now arrange two passport size photos. The sizes should be 4/6cm. Two copies will be sufficient. Apart from that, you need a stamping fee of $25 for a single entry. The rate for multiple stamping is $50.

Keep all these necessary documents, along with your passport in a safe place. You have to show all of these to the Immigration Officer at the Vietnam Airport.

Getting Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Your Visa approval letter will allow you to board the plane for Vietnam. No question being asked.

After arriving at Vietnam International Airport (in Hanoi or Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh Or Hai Phong Or Da Lat Or Nha Trang or Phu Quoc), it is time to show all the documents you are carrying. After you hand them over, the Immigration officer will take all the necessary action to process your visa and get it stamped.

India and Vietnam have a long history. A history of mutual friendship and support. The facility of Vietnam e-Visa for Indians is another friendly gesture from the Vietnam government. Getting Vietnam Visa on arrival for Indians is easy and not at all time-consuming. If you are someone like me, who do not willing to take any hazard and have no time for visiting and applying at the embassy, then Vietnam e-visa for Indians is the best option you can avail. Go for it and enjoy Vietnam.