October 21, 2019
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Visiting Hoi An town in Vietnam.

Hoi An town is situated on the Thu Bon River’s bank. This picturesque town is a wonder, a beautiful sample of a Southeast Asian trading port straight out of the 15th century. Hoi An has something for every kind of traveler: UNESCO Heritage sites, custom tailoring, un spoilt beaches, gourmet restaurants and much more.

Hoi An is the garment capital of Viet Nam. Whether you are looking for a reproduction of your favorite ensemble, an outfit clipped from fashion magazines or simply a tailored suit, Hoi An is a place to shop.

The covered Japanese bridge is Hoi An’s most celebrated attraction. Its pinkish hue, ornate roof and arched frame have been restored to their original splendor, the perfect Oriental combination of form and function. Built in the 1950s by the Japanese, the bridge hosts a temple and is guarded by monkey and dog statues on either side. While Hoi An has many recognized ‘old houses’, the most preserved and celebrated is the Tan Ky Old House.

The Quan Cong temple is adorned with elaborate statues and artwork. The unique carp fountains spit water out of their mouths whenever it rains. Otherwise, we assume they breathe air.

Head next to the Phuoc Lam Pagoda, a holy site known for the history of one of its monks, An Them. Upon returning from his time in the army, his remorse for the lives he took drove him to clean the central market without pay for twenty years. Before retirement, he considered sending a bill, but the penance was enough reward in itself.

Five kilometers from the centre of town is Cua Dai Beach. When visiting Hoi An, it will be a pity if tourist miss it. It is famous for sandy beach, warm sea and seafood stalls. Hoi An is also well known for its excellent seafood and it also boasts its own unique dishes as Cao Lau, a delicious noodles, pork, bean sprouts, mint and croutons. You can also visit My Son, to which it takes a half-day from Hoi An, where the capital of the once great Champa Kingdom stood. The Cham Museum has the finest collection of Cham sculpture in the world. The striking features of this can be seen at My Son site. Another popular site in the Danangarea is the Marble Mountains, five sacred marble and limestone hills. There are many shrines and temples which have been constructed over the centuries both on the hillsides and in the spectacular natural caves concealed within the hills.

The beauty of Con Dao Island
October 21, 2019

Con Dao Island is a remote and isolated island of Viet Nam. This island is associated with historic events of Vietnamese people.

Minority Markets
October 21, 2019

Coming to Ha Noi, people like to worship can pay a visit to Tay Ho Pagoda, which is known as the most popular destination for people who want to pray for good things. Tay Ho Pagoda is also known as a beautiful pagoda.

In the world, there are numerous kinds of food which are made by different countries based on each custom and hobby of eating. Among them, Vietnam’s food is said to be special in Asian area because most of dishes are cooked very well by natural ingredients.

One of the most noticeable areas of Viet Nam is the Mekong Delta. It is the biggest delta of the country, including many rivers, canals with a lot of branches.

Thac Ba Lake is one of three Vietnam’s largest artificial lakes and famous for the first hydro power plant. Thac Ba Lake is also well-known for its eco-system site.

Ngo Dong river- the name itself brings a very romantic sentiment. Sailing boat on the river in the harvest, the golden of rice surely makes an unforgettable memory in tourists’ mind.

Van Don is the largest, most populated and most developed island in the archipelago.Van Don is 50km from Ha Long city.