May 2, 2020
Application FAQ

What documents is required for getting Visa On Arrival Vietnam ?

For getting visa on arrival Vietnam, following documents are required:

👉 Passport must valid for at least 6 months with 2 blank pages.

👉 A visa approval letter (also call pre-approval visa). You can apply online to request that kind of letter. No document is  required.

👉 Vietnamese-visa-application-form (Form NA1) must be completed and attached photo on it. Photo guide.

👉 Stamp fee for visa (cash only) : 25 USD for 1-month and 3-month single entry | 50 USD for 1 month and 3 months multiple entry visa | 95 USD for less than 6 months multiple entry visa | 135 USD for less than 1 year multiple entry visa


Vietnam Visa On Arrival (also called Vietnam Landing Visa) is an alternative way to get your visa for Vietnam instead going to the embassy or consulate of Vietnam. The visa will be issued for you at International airports in Vietnam.

There is NO official website for Visa On Arrival Vietnam. Why? Visa On Arrival Vietnam required a company in Vietnam sponsor for their customers or guests.

This articles is about general information for applicant who wish to apply for visa on arrival Vietnam The Vietnam government started offering the Visa on Arrival last 2008. It’s a visa that tourists can get upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

General information about Vietnam Visa On Arrival     What documents are required to get visa on arrival ?     What ports are accepting for visa on arrival ?     About the photos, entry and exit date, modification, …..

Citizens of ALL COUNTRIES in the worlds are eligible to apply for Visa On Arrival Vietnam. Unlike Visa On Arrival of some countries, Visa On Arrival Vietnam required applicant obtain a visa approval letter (also called pre-approval letter) before flying to Vietnam to pick up their visa upon arrival at the airports.