January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

What should you know about Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport?

Are you planning to travel to Vietnam for your next holiday? Here’s what you should know about the Vietnam e-visa. Getting Vietnam e-visa is not a complicated process, it is simple. The online visa process is available to two people who are native to 80 countries in the world. Everything must be online, considering e-visa both delivery and payment. Also, it takes almost 2 to 3 days for the process to get completed. Now we will look at the things you should know about applying for Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport.

What is Vietnam e-visa?

The Vietnam e-visa is one type of visa. Its offered by the immigration department of Vietnamese to foreigners. Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport is valid for 30 days. Also, it is a single entry visa. Also, the visa process takes approximately 2 to 3 business days. Besides, in case of urgent situations, an emergency visa is also available. As of 2020 February, the Vietnam e-visa is available for 80 Nationalists.

More about Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport:

Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport is valid for thirty days, and it is a single entry visa. The 30 days count starts from the projected date of entry, indicated on the application. As an applicant, you can stay in the country after your initial entry date for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. Besides, after these 30 days crossed, you want to stay in Vietnam for an extended period. Then you should get your visa renewed.

  • As an e-visa holder in Vietnam, you can get your visa renewed. If guaranteed or invited by an organization or authority in Vietnam by the law of foreigners.
  • Besides, people accompanying you, who have their passport should also get a Visa. Also, the minors who are under 14 should included in the visa application of their parents.
  • Besides, you must carry a copy of your e-visa every time while you are in Vietnam.
  • Also, a foreigner who enters Vietnam you should follow the law of Vietnamese.

Who can apply for Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport?

Citizens of 80 different countries can apply for Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

What are the requirements to apply for the Vietnam e-visa?

  • Your passport size photo in .jpg format. Photo Guide.
  • Your passport with at least six months’ validity.
  • A photocopy of your full passport data page in .jpg format.
  • An email address to which the visa will sent to.
  • An international debit or credit card.
  • Also your entry and exit dates and also entry and exit airports or points.

Conditions to get a Vietnam e-visa:

There are two conditions for granting Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport.

The applicant:

  • Must not fall into a case of suspension from entry.
  • Also you must own a valid passport.

How can you receive the E-visa after applying online?

After applying Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport, you will receive confirmation email. Besides, you will get details about e-visa will delivered in the confirmation email. If you do not receive the e-visa, you should mail back to check the status of your visa.

Besides, You should download the confirmation email and have two copies in your hand.

How does Vietnam e-visa look like?

The e-visa will look like a full form. You should fill all the details asked in the form as in your passport. Besides, if in case you enter any information , you might not allow to enter Vietnam.

How can I use my e-visa in Vietnam?

The e-visa you receive will be valid for entry at the International checkpoints. This includes 16 International land ports, eight international airports, and 9 International seaports.

Besides, once you arrive at Can Tho Airport in Vietnam go to the Passport control counter. Here you should submit your printed e-visa and passport to the officer. The officer will check all the information and will issue an entry stamp in your passport.

Also, make sure to keep the printed e-visa with you so that you can show it during the departure.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

A few common questions about Vietnam e-visa

Can my 30-day e-visa extended?

Unexpected requirements can happen anytime. Yes, you can extend your 30 days Vietnam e-visa. Yet, it can done only in Vietnam with a guarantee or sponsored by a company or an individual in Vietnam.

After the entry date on the application, can I enter Vietnam?

Yes, within any of the dates your visa is valid, you can enter Vietnam. Yet, note that your e-visa will expire according to the approved date.

Should I stand in the queue at the visa on arrival counter in Vietnam?

No, you don’t have to stand in line for the visa process at the visa on arrival counter. You can straight away bring your passport and printed e-visa to immigration counter. Besides, there are also meet and greet services to take care of the procedures in the airport if you choose.

Choosing the best agency to get Vietnam e-visa via Can Tho Airport is vital to have a pleasant stay in Vietnam. You plan to spend your holiday here, and you must relax and enjoy well here. So find a reliable agency for the e-visa application.