May 13, 2020
Visa tips

Why Choose Visa on Arrival for your Trip to Hue?

There are other types of Vietnam visas that you can apply for your trip to Hue but the best option is the Visa on Arrival.

First of all, the visa on arrival is so easy to apply. You just need to request for the pre-approval letter online. Therefore, you don’t have to go to an embassy to apply for the visa personally, which can be really inconvenient. Also, the cost of applying for the visa on arrival is cheaper than getting the standard visa from the embassy.

But the biggest advantage of using the visa on arrival is the option to choose between single entry and multiple-entry visas. This is a great option for those who plan on staying in Vietnam for longer than 30 days.


Here are the steps on how to apply for the Visa on Arrival via Hue City Airport. Look for a reputable agency online that can process the visa on your behalf.

Hue is the former capital of Vietnam and still remains to be an interesting place to visit in the country. Unlike the busy metropolis of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Hue has a more laid back appeal.

Hue is an ancient city in the central part of Vietnam that has become popular because of the Imperial City. This walled citadel used to be the residence of the Nguyen Dynasty and is surrounded by a moat with palaces and shrines inside.

If Vietnam is your next travel destination, here are a few things you should know about the visa process. If you plan to travel to Vietnam through an International flight, there is a legitimate alternative.