January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Applying For Vietnam E-Visa For Citizens of Cyprus? Keep These Points In Mind

Vietnam is among the top-rated travel destinations in the Asian region. From its rich culture to its unparalleled natural beauty,; from its mouth-watering cuisines to its colorful cities; Vietnam has indeed something to offer to all the people who visit it. It is no wonder that so many people from across the world including Cyprus visit the Vietnamese territory each year. If you too are from Cyprus and you are willing to visit the Vietnamese territory; then it may be worthy for you to find out about the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cyprus.

What is the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cyprus?

If you are applying for the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cyprus. The first important task for you is to understand what is the Vietnam-e visa and how does it work. The Vietnam e-visa is a single entry visa that is offered by the Immigration department of Vietnam. It is different from the other types of Visa in that it is available for application online.

Citizens from 80 different nations are allowed to apply for this type of visa and Cyprus is one of the countries in this wide list. So, the Cyprus citizens can sit in the comforts of their homes and apply for the visa and check its approval as well online.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Cyprus is not a part of the exempt list

The Vietnam Immigration Department offers some kind of exemptions to certain countries. Visitors from these countries do not need to hold any kind of visa in order to travel through Vietnam for a certain period. However, Cyprus does not fall under this list of visa exemptions. Hence it is mandatory that every Cyprus Citizen who is visiting the Vietnamese territory must have a valid visa in hand, failing which they may have to face serious legal consequences enforced by the authority.

Duration of the Visa

The duration for which the Vietnam e-visa for Cyprus is available is only 30 days and it does not allow for any kind of extension. So the maximum for which you can stay in Vietnam with this type of visa cannot exceed 30 days under any circumstance as it cannot even be converted to the other types of Visa.

Requirements for the Vietnam e-Visa for citizens of Cyprus

There are several requirements that you need to fulfill in order to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cyprus, and knowing about these requirements in advance can help you in filling up the form at complete ease.

  • A strong internet connection so that you can complete the entire process at once
  • A valid email ID that will be used for all the communications and receiving notifications
  • A valid passport with at least six months left for expiry at the time of travel.
  • A scanned copy of the data page of your passport.
  • One digital copy of your recent passport-sized photograph for attaching to the form. Photo Guide
  • A valid credit or debit card that you can use in order to make your payment for the e-visa.

Remember the entire procedure of your e-visa application has to be completed in a single session of the web browser, so it is wiser to have all the requirements ready at hand before you sit down to fill your form for Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cyprus.

Charges for the Vietnam E-Visa for Citizens of Cyprus

The charges involved in the Vietnam e-visa for Cyprus depends upon the time that you are willing to wait in order to get the visa. Shorter the period of time of wait, higher will be the processing fee of the visa. However, in general, the e-visa for tourists costs about 35USD for each Cyprus citizen.

It is also worthy to note down. In case the authorities reject your Cyprus e-visa or even you are not satisfied with the service, you will get the 100% money back guarantee to the account from which you had made the payment.

See Vietnam visa fees for update.

Processing time

The processing time involved in the Vietnam e-visa is typically very fast and does not take more than 2 working days. However, it may take longer if there is a rush or some big public holiday in the Vietnamese calendar.

Of course, by paying the extra fee you can easily get the visa in a shorter time period as well.

Visitors can apply directly at the government website https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn (fee is $25 but no refund) or apply your e-visa through our website (our fee is higher but 100% money back guarantee if customer not satisfied).

Application procedure

To apply for your e-visa you have to carefully fill-up the form that is available online. Following this, you have to upload the required pictures and make the payment. If the payment and application are successfully completed you will get a confirmation via email. You will also get your e-visa via email in due time.

Now that you know the process, apply for your Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cyprus.


Are you from Cyprus and planning to visit Vietnam soon? If you are, then you should know that a visa is required for you to enter the country. Thankfully, getting a Vietnam visa for citizens of Cyprus is now so easy, thanks to the Vietnam e-visa.