April 2, 2020
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[COVID 19] Guidelines on Vietnam Visa Extension for Visitors To Go Home Because of the Covid 19 Outbreak

Vietnam Immigration Department’s Guidelines on Extending the Temporary Residence Visa of Foreigners Who Can’t Exit the Country To Go Home Because of the Covid 19 Outbreak

In order to curb the rapid spread of coronavirus, also known as Covid 19, countries around the world have to take drastic measures. These include putting the entire country on full lockdown, imposing travel restrictions, and shutting down its airports. Vietnam has to do the same thing. Last Wednesday, April 1st, Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has declared the Covid 19 as a nationwide epidemic. This came after the number of total confirmed cases in the country reached 212.

Aside from suspending the issuance of tourist visas, the government has also canceled all flights in and out of the country. Because of this, a number of foreign visitors were stranded in the country. These are foreigners who arrived in the country prior to the Covid 19 outbreak and can no longer get out of Vietnam due to flight cancellations. Most of them are on a temporary residence visa that may have already expired.

The Vietnam Immigration Department is fully aware of this. Thus, they have released a set of guidelines to extend the temporary residence visas of these foreign individuals. Here are the guidelines.

Foreigners on Visa Waiver or Tourist Visas

Among those who were stranded were foreigners holding tourist visas and those who belong under the visa waiver program. Foreign visitors who were under the visa waiver program are only allowed to stay in the country for a certain number of days. Meanwhile, holders of tourist visas can only stay in the country for 30 or 60 days, depending on the type of visa that they have.

Due to the travel restrictions imposed, many of them can no longer exit the country to go back to their home country. As such, the Consulate General or Embassy of these foreign individuals will sponsor the extension of their visa. In line with this, they will be given a temporary visa that will allow them to stay in the country for 30 days more. The implementation of this guideline will take effect between March 30 and April 30.

Applying for Visa Extension

To apply for the temporary residence visa extension, you must submit the following requirements:

  • Passport and other travel documents that are related to passport.
  • An application form that is known as the NA5. The form must have the stamp of the seal of the Consulate General or Embassy. This form can also be downloaded online. Print the form and fill it out completely.
  • Documents that show a declaration of temporary residence and health declaration.

Form NA5 for visa extension

After submitting these requirements, applicants have to wait for up to five working days. Also, in the event that there’s an additional request made for special support, a diplomatic note must be attached. Applicants will also be asked to pay a certain fee, based on the regulations imposed by the country’s Ministry of Finance.

It’s important to note that the Consulate General or the Embassy will take responsibility for overseeing its nationals in Vietnam. They will be sponsoring the entire stay of the foreign individual in the country while the travel restriction is in place. If needed, they are required to coordinate with specific Vietnamese authorities in resolving matters concerning the stay of its citizens in Vietnam.

Foreigners on Business, Work, Visiting Relatives, and Other Purposes

Some of those who were stranded were foreign visitors who came to Vietnam for business, work, visiting relatives, and other purposes. For these foreigners, they are requested to coordinate with their respective sponsors. If they are on business or work, they must request the organization or company that sponsored them to process the extension of their visa.

This also applies to those who came to Vietnam under the sponsorship of certain agencies.  Their visa extension will be processed in accordance with the country’s law on entry and exit, transit, and residence of foreign visitors in Vietnam.

Foreigners Holding Temporary Residence Visa and Have Overstayed

Foreigners who have already overstayed the validity of their residence visa due to travel restrictions can have the penalty waived. But this will only apply to those who have overstayed for less than 10 days. For instance, if your visa is yet to expire on April 15 and you are able to go out of the country before April 25, then you will not be charged for any penalty as a result of overstaying. However, you must be able to submit a document of evidence or proof. This can come in the form of an email from your airline that the flight has been canceled or something else.

Some of the local agencies in Vietnam can assist foreigners in applying for a visa extension. They just need to submit the requirements mentioned above and fill out the application form.

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What are the Address of the Vietnam Immigration offices? Address, Phone, Map & Working time [show answer]

Address of the Vietnam Immigration offices

– Immigration office in Hanoi (Head Office): 44-46, Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh Ward, Hanoi City

  • Tel: 0438257941
  • Fax: 0438243287, 0438243288
  • Hotline (Vietnamese): 0438260922
  • Hotline (English) : 0438264026
  • Street directions: https://bit.ly/2Vbt8ae

– Immigration office in Da Nang city (Representative office): 7 Tran Quy Cap Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang city.

  • Tel : 02363822381
  • Fax: 02363826670
  • Hotline (Vietnamese) : 0694260354
  • Hotline (English) : 0694260349
  • Street directions: https://bit.ly/3bYKBth

– Immigration office in Ho Chi Minh city (Representative office): 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh city

  • Tel: 0839202300
  • Hotline (Vietnamese) : 0839201701
  • Hotline (English): 039200365
  • Street directions: https://bit.ly/34sK8Nu

Working time:

– Morning: 08h00 – 11h30 (Monday to Friday)
– Afternoon: 13h30 – 16h00 (Monday to Friday)
– And Saturday Morning: 08h00 – 11h30

*** Please note that the Immigration Office closes on Saturday afternoon, Sunday & Public holidays.

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, Health declaration is required to process your visa application. You can declare online here: https://tokhaiyte.vn/

For further request, please email to info@vietnamimmigration.org or Chat online for support bottom right corner. Thanks


It seems that the COVID-19 is not showing signs of slowing down. The pandemic still continues to unfold in a worrying manner leaving world leaders grappling with solutions to address this very complex catastrophe.

Last Monday 09 Mar 2020, the government of Vietnam has announced that they are temporarily suspending visa-free travel from eight European countries. This is amid the growing concerns over the spread of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

This summer, the New Immigration Laws of Vietnam (2020) are said to undergo major changes. In doing so, they hope to attract more foreign visitors while still making sure that illegal workers and criminals won’t be able to get into the country.

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus has become one of the biggest threats in the travel industry not only in Vietnam but around the world as well. It has so far affected various sectors in the industry, including aviation, hospitality, tourism, tours, etc.

Myanmar and Vietnam are two of the most popular countries to visit in Southeast Asia these days. Both countries are rich in historical and cultural attractions.

Here’s good news to foreign travelers visiting Vietnam. The country has now extended its visa exemption program for citizens of 13 more countries.

Recently, Vietnam’s National Assembly has called for an amendment to the current immigration law of the country (New Immigration Law of Vietnam). And for the first time, Vietnam’s Immigration has finally allowed foreign visitors to change their status while still in the country.

The e-Visa is the most popular type of Vietnam visa simply because it’s easy to avail. However, this visa will only allow you to stay in the country for 30 days.