March 16, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Do Bangladesh citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia. With its lush mountains, golden sand beaches and bustling cities, it attracts travelers across the world. The numerous Asian landmarks, fine dining venues and luxurious resorts make Vietnam a perfect destination to spend a vacation.

Vietnam visa for Bangladesh citizen:

All visitors who want to travel to Vietnam should apply for a cheap Vietnam visa. The government of Vietnam has extended visa exception to some countries. The citizens from these countries are allowed to stay in the country without a visa for short period. Citizens from all other countries should apply for a visa if they want to enter Vietnam. To facilitate the visa process, Vietnam has set embassies in about seventy countries, including Bangladesh.

The Visa application process is simple, and citizens of Bangladesh have a few options to get their visas. They can apply for a Vietnam visa through the consulate or choose the online procedure.

Applying for Vietnam visa through the embassy:

To get a cheap Vietnam visa, Bangladeshi citizens should contact a Vietnam embassy in their country. Luckily, there is one such office in the country where you can reach in person and apply for the visa. To apply for a visa through this method, you must hand over your passport and some relevant documents to the embassy in Bangladesh.

However, it is inconvenient for people who are living in faraway places. The chances are high that your application can be rejected if you miss some of the essential documents.

Getting a visa through the embassy takes a lot of time, making you wait longer. On the other hand, you will not know how the process of your visa is going on. On top of that, you cannot restrain expenses but have to pay the additional cost. That is why we suggest you apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival.

Applying for visa on arrival:

Be informed, this type of visa for Bangladesh citizens is available only if you plan to travel by air. This is one of the easiest ways to apply for a visa to Vietnam. To apply for a Vietnam visa, login to the website and fill the necessary information in the online form. You can complete the visa application process easily simply from anywhere in the world when you have a mobile phone or a laptop with an internet connection.

Visa on arrival gives you the most satisfactory and most effective results because it is quick, cheap, convenient and safe. We say it safe because you don’t have to send any of your important documents like the passport to anywhere as you do for an embassy visa. Once you submit your online application form, you will receive a confirmation letter within two working days. After receiving the approval letter, you can get your visa stamped on arriving at any one of the international airports in Vietnam.

Usually, you would receive the approval letter within two working days. However, if you need an emergency Vietnam visa, you can get it processed anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours. In this case, you should get your approval letter via email before you board the plane.

Take a printout of the visa approval letter and carry it along with you to Vietnam. As you arrive at one of the international airports in Vietnam, you should get your visa stamped at the immigration counter. If you need assistance to complete the procedure at the airport, you can take the help of Fast track services.

What are the documents needed to apply for a Vietnam visa?

  • Your original passport which should be valid for at least six months from the visa date. Besides, there have to be two blank pages for the stamping process.
  • Two passport size photographs. The photograph should have a white background, and you must not wear glasses on the photo.
  • Stamping fee and visa processing fee
  • Duly filled entry and exit forms
  • Printed copy of the visa approval letter

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How much does Vietnam visa cost for Bangladesh citizens?

The Vietnam Visa Fee depends on the way the Bangladeshi citizens choose to get their visas for Vietnam.

  • For embassy visa amount paid will vary by the embassy.
  • For visa on arrival, the total fee includes stamping fee at Vietnam airport + service charge for the visa approval letter.

Can Bangladesh citizens apply for a tourist Vietnam visa extension?

According to the government of Vietnam, foreigners, in general, are allowed to stay in their country only for a maximum of six consecutive months. If the passenger’s visa has expired without further extension, chances are the passengers will be listed on the entry blacklist.

However, if you want to extend your stay in the country, you can apply for a visa extension. Vietnam visa extension is available for people who visit the country with the purpose of trade, work, relatives visit, and tourism.

The documents needed for tourism visa extension include:

  • A valid passport and visa
  • Residence certificate by local public security
  • One passport size photograph with white background. Photo Guide.

The visa extension period will take around five working days.

Get in touch with a genuine visa agency for your Vietnam visa on arrival. While choosing the agency, go for the one that offers 100% refund if in case your visa is rejected by the government.