January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Explore The Exquisite Culture Of Vietnam With Vietnam E-Visa For Japanese

Our lives are bound by routines – stringent, absolute and monotonous routine. We toil away our day at office or school, come back, eat our dinner and sleep and at the break of a new day we start following the same routine. However, while we are obsessing with our jobs and other responsibilities, we end up neglecting our loved ones; we often forget to live life, we forget that there is a big and beautiful world out there that we are missing out on. While routine is good, you should give your body and mind some rest too. It is okay to enjoy a vacation once in a while and you can bond with your friends and family that way.

You don’t necessarily have to go far away to have a trip abroad. If you are a Japanese citizen and planning a holiday, you can visit the country of Vietnam. This beautiful costal country located by the Eat Sea of Vietnam is a historically and culturally rich place where you can experience unique Vietnamese culture, art, architecture, food items so much more. Build sand castles on the golden beach or take a tour down the winding long rivers flowing through the lush green land of Vietnam. Visit the ancient Buddhist pagodas and the mausoleum in the Capital city, Hanoi. Visit the country to explore all that it offers. Now it is extremely easy to get a Vietnam e-visa for Japanese.

What is Vietnam E-visa for Japanese?

If you are travelling to a foreign country, you have to prepare one other important thing than your bag – that is, your documents. When you are travelling to a foreign country, two documents that you will absolutely need is you passport and visa. If you are looking for a Vietnam visa, you have visit the Vietnam Embassy in Japan. If you want to skip hours of queuing time and months of processing time, you can apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Japanese that is easy to apply and takes only a week or so to arrive.

The term e-visa is short for Electronic visa. Vietnam Government now allows a long list of countries that can apply for e-visa. If you are Japanese citizen, you can apply for Vietnam e-visa for Japanese from the official website of Vietnam Government (https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn). It takes only a few minutes to fill the form. It is the same as a normal visa but it is much simpler to apply for and the processing time is much less.

If you are a Japanese citizen, note that Japan is in visa exemption list of Vietnam, which allows Japanese citizen to enter and stay within the country for 14 days. If your vacation is for 14 days or less, you do not need a visa to visit Vietnam. However, if you stay longer than 14 days, you will need a visa. Also note that Japanese citizen cannot enter Vietnam within 30 days of leaving Vietnam, unless you want to apply for a separate visa for the second visit.

Vietnam visa waiver program

How To Apply

If you are a Japanese citizen applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Japanese, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Keep your documents ready before you apply as this is an extremely important document that will allow access to a different country and any mistake could lead to serious trouble.

  • When you are applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Japanese, you have to provide your personal details like your name, date of birth, contact details, nationality etc.
  • You have to provide your passport number as it is in your passport.
  • The passport must have a validity of 6 months starting for the ay of arrival in Vietnam, passport must also contain at least 2 blank pages for stamps by immigration and border officer.
  • A scan of personal details page in the passport (Sample for passport’s bio page) is needed along with your passport size photograph (Photo guide).
  • Make your travel plans beforehand. You will need to provide your details like date of arrival, airport of arrival, date range of your stay, hotels and cities you will be staying in the application form.
  • Once you are finished, you can pay for the e-visa through debit/credit card. You can also pay through your Paypal account.

The cost is $25 for an e-visa and it takes 3 business days to get your e-visa approved.

Once processed, your e-visa will be delivered through email in Pdf format. Download and print your e-visa. You will need to show it when you arrive at airport in Vietnam.

Note that the Vietnam e-visa for Japanese is a single entry visa. It allows you to stay for 30 days, which you can renew with some extra charges.


Vietnam is a nation that has many things to offer to its country’s people, and to the people who come to the country to enjoy. The country falls under the best and the most visited tourist destination in the world.