April 2, 2020
Visa On Arrival

How can the citizens of El Salvador apply for a Vietnam visa?

If you haven’t visited Vietnam in your lifetime, it’s time to add this country to your bucket list. There are so many attractive places in Vietnam that allow tourists to spend a memorable vacation. The complex and diverse culture in Vietnam is welcoming. You will have seen Vietnam in many war movies, but that doesn’t stop you from visiting this place. The sacred temples and beaches are more than enough reasons for spending your next holiday here.

Vietnam visa for El Salvador citizens:

Citizens of most of the countries except those that fall in the visa exemption list permitted by the government of Vietnam, cannot enter the country without a valid visa. If you want to spend your vacation in Vietnam or it is a business trip, you should apply for a visa.

In other words, Salvadoran citizens are required visa for visiting Vietnam.

Things El Salvador citizens should know about Vietnam visa on arrival:

To help business people and tourists all over the world visiting Vietnam, the government of the country has put Vietnam visa on arrival into use for so many years now.

By applying through visa on arrival, you will get the visa approval letter, and you have to collect your visa stamped at your passport on arriving at any one of the international airports in Vietnam.

To get your cheap Vietnam visa stamped in the Vietnam airport, you have to carry a few documents to show to the immigration offices at the international airports including:

  • Your original passport with six months validity
  • Two passport size photos 2* 3 inches. Photo Guide.
  • Stamping fee – you must carry cash with you to pay the visa stamping fee. No card payment accepted at the immigration counter at the Vietnam airport.

Compared to the Vietnam embassy visa, visa on arrival is much more comfortable, money-saving, and less time-consuming. Besides to apply for a visa through the embassy, you have to send your original passport to the embassy, and this is a risk. There are chances you may miss some essential documents, including the passport.

However, this is not the case with Visa on arrival. You don’t have sent your passport anywhere. Hence it is safe and secure.


The first question that comes to people’s mind when we talk about visa on arrival is, ‘is it a legitimate process?’ Vietnam visa on arrival is lawful. It is posted on the official website of the Vietnam ministry of foreign affairs. In addition to this, it is recognized by the international air traffic association. So stop worrying about the legitimacy of the visa on arrival process and apply for your visa now.

Advantages of applying through visa on arrival:

As a tourist, you get a lot of benefits by applying for a visa through visa on arrival compared to the embassy. The process is surprisingly simple and quick.

  • Vietnam visa on arrival process is an online process. Therefore it is both trouble-free and convenient for everyone.
  • No passport sendoffs to the embassy or you don’t have to travel to and fro, to the embassy.
  • The visa processing time is much less compared to that of an embassy visa.
  • In addition to this, you can also apply for an emergency visa, which you can get quicker within 8 hours.
  • Here the Vietnam visa fee is much cheaper compared to other methods.
  • Besides, if you make any mistakes while filling in the form in an embassy visa, the chances are that your visa application may get rejected by the Government of the Country. But human error is unavoidable, and in case of visa on arrival, mistakes made in the online application form can be corrected. You should write an email to the agency or reach them through the phone if you have provided some wrong information. They will help you fix those mistakes in no time.

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival:

At first, fill the visa application form online. Here you are required to enter some of the personal information like:

  • Your name as in the passport
  • Date of birth
  • Arrival date
  • Passport number
  • Entry port etc.

You should then make payment online for visa processing. You will get your visa approval letter in 2 to 3 working days on the email address you have provided in the application form.

Take a printout of it to bring it with you as you arrive in Vietnam. After arriving at Vietnam give your

At the immigration desk and get your visa stamped in your passport.

Visa through embassy:

If you are in El Salvador, please remember there is no Vietnam consulate or embassy in your country at this moment. So, you may find it difficult to apply for your Vietnam visa this way. However, if you are planning to travel to Vietnam by land border or through the cruise, this is the only option left for you. In that case, you should contact the consulate or embassy of Vietnam in the nearby country for visa application.

The processing time for embassy visa depends on how fast you need it. Make sure you call the embassy for details. The required documents that should be submitted to the embassy include one envelope with stamp on it and your home address to avoid losing your documents, passport and fee.

If you are traveling to Vietnam, applying for a visa on arrival seems to be the much better option.

Find a reliable agency to apply for Vietnam visa cheap through visa on arrival. Visit the official website and check if they offer 100% customer satisfaction and money back before deciding to work with them.