November 12, 2019

How I got my Vietnam visa for my academic studies?

It took me two months to decide which field was appropriate for me after higher secondary examinations. Since my favorite subject was social science, I wanted to pursue with the same! Hence, I was seeking such a career opportunity where I could dig into the subjects’ history, culture, and adventure associated with it! After several hours of survey, it was ‘Eureka’! Vietnam, I decided then and there! But visiting Vietnam wasn’t a piece of cake. Achieving your dreams isn’t a piece of cake. So, I decided to go an extra mile only to find out that availing Vietnam visa for Indian citizen is necessary! Wait a second, all this while I just forgot to introduce myself! Hey, I am Divyani Ray, a student from India. And this was my background.

How i was introduced to the concept of Vietnam visa on arrival?

My student life was completely a struggle phase. My parents were not that well-to-do, since they were private employees in a metropolitan city like Kolkata. My academic expenses went on increasing after the completion of each year! And until I reached class 12, it was pretty burdensome for my parents.

I thought they could do nothing to send me abroad (which was my dream), but my thoughts were simply wrong! What my parents did was, saved money every month. Little did I know that they were planning to send me abroad for higher studies! So, after securing good marks in higher secondary examination, my gift from my parents was a handsome amount of money for my higher studies in abroad! This was such a dream come true, for me.

Only then I decided to survey more about Vietnam courses from the Internet! And after several hours of survey, I found that getting Vietnam visa on arrival is far better than going to the Vietnam embassy. Plus, my long-distance brother who visited Vietnam for a honeymoon trip also referred to me that it is more convincing to pick the visa from the Vietnam airport after arrival instead of traveling back & forth to the local embassy.

Moreover, I had to concentrate more on my course and syllabus associated with it, hence didn’t have much time to opt for embassy. Hence, I simply applied online for the approval to get my visa on arrival at Vietnam international airport. After I applied for Vietnam visa on arrival, I found more benefits of it.

How visa on arrival benefits travelers more than what embassy offers?

Not degrading the work that an embassy does! But after I applied for visa on arrival for traveling to Vietnam for higher studies, I found several benefits of it.  To help you get a fair idea of the benefits, I have presented them in point-wise format. You can read on to know more of it.

  • Saves Time

The time when I applied for visa on arrival was the time when I was too busy with the syllabus that my university offered me. I had to go through the syllabus only to get a fair idea of what I was going to focus on in the next couple of years.

And then there was packing, one of the hardest things to do before any trip! I had to jot down the weather conditions in Vietnam to take all my clothes properly. My books were my all-time best friend!

So, I had to carry them with me! And all these required time and energy. I couldn’t wait for one week or two to get my visa! That’s how Vietnam visa on arrival was beneficial.

  • Simplest Process

After arrival, all that you require is visit the Immigration Counter in Vietnam airport with your passport + the visa approval letter + Vietnamese visa application form (Form NA1). Then, wait to be called for your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport.

  • Affordable

Now, this is what I liked the most. As I already told you guys, I wasn’t from a rich family. My parents struggled for me so much and gathered this amount of money for me to go abroad and complete my higher studies. So money was a big issue for me. Since visa on arrival requires a small fee, I found this a convenient option! I paid $6 for my visa approval letter online and $25 for stamp fee visa on arrival.

  • Trouble-free

Since I’m an Indian, I always require a visa while traveling to Vietnam! This was the first thing that I learned from the Internet while searching for Vietnam visa applying process. For me, visa on arrival was a great choice that I could make to let things more convincing!

How did I apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

First off, let me tell you that Vietnam visa on arrival was the simplest way to apply for Vietnam visa. Kudos to Vietnam Immigration Department and Vietnam Government who made this process into use for several years now! Here’s how I applied for the visa on arrival.

  • I applied online for the visa approval letter
  • I flied to Vietnam with my passport.
  • I went to Immigration Counter, showed them my passport + visa approval letter + filled, signed and attached photo Vietnamese visa application form, wait to be called for paying stamping fee (in VDN or USD).
  • I received my passport with visa stamped !

That’s how I am living my dream now! I have completed two semesters, and I’m lucky to get visa on arrival to visit Vietnam for higher studies.


My name is Akio Hashimoto, and I am from Nagoya, Japan. I am an individual who loves to travel to different countries and their cities, experience their culture and heritage, and learn the traditions.

Professionally, my corporate world knows me better as Rishi Malhotra from Pune, India. And if you ask me why I’ve been here writing, I am going to share my visa on arrival experience to travel to Vietnam in this post.

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