November 12, 2019

How my honeymoon trip became all the more gala after I decided to opt for Vietnam Visa on arrival?

Professionally, my corporate world knows me better as Rishi Malhotra from Pune, India. And if you ask me why I’ve been here writing, I am going to share my visa on arrival experience to travel to Vietnam in this post. The last day I heard my old college mate saying that you don’t need a passport to travel to Vietnam! I was surprised that some percentage of travelers doesn’t know the mere process of applying for Visa on arrival! And that’s what dragged me here to let you know why a passport is a necessity when traveling to Vietnam (or other city) through visa on arrival option.

Long before my wedding, I had already planned my honeymoon with my wife (then, would-be). Deciding a honeymoon destination is quite a challenging task. I knew it from the time I was planning to go for the marriage. And instead of concentrating on my big fat wedding, I was more excited about my honeymoon trip. I had to; after all, I am that kind of a person who travels a lot. And my mother always tells me that I have wheels under my feet (haha, jokes apart!). So, before entering into my conjugal life, I decided to experience the best out of nature and explore a destination, quite unknown.

How we heard about Vietnam visa on arrival?

A honeymoon trip is supposed to be planned together. And at first, it seemed such a chaos for me. I wanted to go to a forest trip, and my wife wanted mountain blisses. Together we searched the Internet only to find a convenient honeymoon spot. We started our plan before one year, and it seemed that we couldn’t end up to something mutual! I had a talk with my brother who was in Vietnam for his higher studies. He suggested me the destination, since our marriage was in the month of February and we were deciding the trip next month. That’s how I came to know that during the month of March the Southern part of the place remains pleasant. And we mutually decided to explore the beach side, hence Phu Quoc Island! What we were now worried about was Vietnam visa! Since time was running like a machine, we hardly had time to travel back & forth to the embassy. Again, my bro suggested me that Vietnam visa on arrival is the best thing that anyone can opt for. That’s how our honeymoon trip got all the more convincing! Here’s what I have presented to let you know about the importance of availing for Vietnam visa on arrival option.

How did I come to know that availing for Vietnam visa on arrival is trouble-free process?

Anyone who has already opted for eVisa knows that this process is generated on the online platform of eVisa website of the country. All you require doing is uploading the documents and paying the fees accordingly. You will receive a receipt generated after a couple of days. Only after the approval of your mail, you are going to get your eVisa. You also require printing it and carrying it in your journey!

I absolutely understand the procedure and why it is generated like this. But since we didn’t have much time, we had to listen to my brother who suggested that visa on arrival is better and safer an option. Not that I’ve never traveled, but my limit didn’t cross the boundaries of India. Now you know why this international honeymoon trip was so important for me (?)!

Anyway, what my brother suggested we did the same. My wife and I opted for Vietnam visa on arrival option, and before thinking when the process would end, we received our visa in hand! Truly, availing for Vietnam visa on arrival is trouble-free process. I’ve mentioned two of them below.

  • It is not only safer, but visa on arrival is a smarter option to opt for when traveling to some international city (we were lucky that Vietnam allows Indians to opt for the option, though!).
  • Next comes it simplicity. The simpler the better! Apply online to request for the visa approval letter then picking up your visa on arrival at your destination airports in Vietnam. No need to queue at the embassy.

How were we lucky to get Vietnam Visa on arrival?

The best part of the entire process is that it doesn’t include any time-consuming or hectic application process. What my wife and I did is mentioned below.

  • We simple applied online & get our visa approval letter in 2 working days with $6.
  • We showed the visa approval letter for boarding & flied to the Vietnam airport (Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh city.
  • We visited the Immigration Counter to present our passport + visa approval letter + filled, signed and attached photo Vietnamese visa application form. Then wait to be called.
  • The officer called us to pay for visa stamping fee (you can give it in VDN or USD).
  • And we were welcomed by getting our visa!

After we visited the destination, we had one thing in mind. Our honeymoon wouldn’t be complete sans exploring the unforgettable, adventurous, and experiences here. This was how my journey to Vietnam for honeymoon was trouble-free with the help of visa on arrival!


My name is Akio Hashimoto, and I am from Nagoya, Japan. I am an individual who loves to travel to different countries and their cities, experience their culture and heritage, and learn the traditions.

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