January 1, 2020
Visa On Arrival

How to Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2020 with Four Simple Steps? 

Applying a Vietnam visa is not a stressful process anymore! To make the visitor’s visa applying process easy, the immigration department of Vietnam (Vietnam government) has permitted visa on arrival option, which is completely an online process. So, how to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2020? Probably this may be your question right now! With four simple steps, you can apply for your Vietnam visa under visa on arrival option. Don’t worry; applying for a visa under visa on arrival is completely different from applying for the visa in a traditional method (applying at embassy).

Here, you don’t have to stand in a long queue at the embassy and submit your original documents. All you have to do is, find the 100% risk-free website. Then start applying for your visa from your house with the details that are in your passport and other original certificates. In fact, within 30 minutes, you can finish applying for your visa and submit it for approval.

How to Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival 2020 Easily? 

Before you start applying for your Vietnam visa under visa on arrival, ensure your passport has a minimum six-month validity. Also, keep your entire original document with you while applying since you will need the details in that to apply for your visa. Here is how to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 easily.

Four Simple Steps

Step 1: Form Filling Process 

It is the form filling step, you need to fill all the required details. Note, there should not be any typo or wrong details. This is one of the common reasons why many people’s visa got rejected by the government.

Some details that are asked you to fill includes,

  1. Full Name That is in your passport
  2. DOB
  3. Number of Your Passport
  4. Country
  5. Travel Details (visa type, destination, entry and exit date, and more)

Step 2: Service Fee Payment Process

Here, once again, you have to check the details that you have filled and make a service fee payment via credit or debit card. This is because any change after the submitting will be charged. Note: Maintain needed balance in your card to make a payment. If you don’t make the payment properly, your visa approval process will put in the hold, and you will end up browsing how to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2020.

Don’t panic! If you choose the 100% risk-free website, your 100% money will be return back if you are not satisfied with their service.

Step 3: Receiving Visa Approval Letter 

Based on the add on service you request for, your visa will get approved, and your visa approval letter will send to you via mail.

In case, if you add on express service, even within a day, your visa will get approved, and the visa approved letter will send to your mail.

Once you receive the mail, you have to print it out to display the letter hardcopy on your take-off airport, and your Vietnam destination airport.

Note: Before you make a print in the visa approval letter, you have to fill some details, and sign to make it ready. To save time on arrival, in advance, you can attach your current photo on the Vietnamese visa application form.

Then arrange for ready cash in USD to pay the stamping fee at your Vietnam destination airport. This is because, at the International Vietnam destination airport, you have to pay the cash via ready cash, and not via card or Vietnam money or your country currency.

If you are visiting Vietnam with a multi-entry visa type, you have to be ready with 50 USD. If you are visiting Vietnam with a single entry visa type, you have to be prepared with 25 USD.

Step 4: Collecting the Approved Visa

Once you reach your destination airport in Vietnam, check-in the Vietnam landing visa office for further process. With your passport, and the above mentioned collected things, display it to the Immigration Officer who is in your Vietnam destination airport. After the verification process, your approved visa will give to you. Then you have to pay the stamp fee to get your visa stamped on your passport. Finally, you will be ready to experience the beauty of Vietnam. This is the simple step answer for your question, how to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2020

Vietnam Visa on Arrival International Airports

Next to the question of how to apply Vietnam visa on arrival 2020, you will come up with “what are the international airports of Vietnam accept for Vietnam visa on arrival?”. Here is your answer.

Vietnam visa on arrival is permitted to the seven international airports of Vietnam. They are,

Start applying for your Vietnam visa at 100% risk-free website, and have an enjoyable and stress-free trip.


When applying for a visa to Vietnam, there are two types of visa that you’ll come across – the e-visa and Visa on Arrival. To compare Vietnam e-visa vs visa on arrival, you need to figure out what their pros and cons are.

The Vietnam visa on arrival is a good option for a visa for those who are planning to visit Vietnam soon. You don’t have to visit a Vietnam embassy to apply for this visa since you’ll get your visa upon arrival in the country.

My name is Delilah Jane Van Den Berg, I am from Amsterdam and my nationality stands as a Dutch. For the past five months I have been planning to take my higher studies from a good and reputed international university.

Ever since my photography degree course from Delhi College ended on a good note, I started doing freelance work. And I am here to share my experience with you about how I secured a reputable position as travel photographer by visiting Vietnam through visa on arrival.

Every year millions of visitors plan a trip to Vietnam from all over the world. Vietnam welcomes foreign students, families, solo travelers, couples and large travel groups with equal warmth and candor.

If you are contemplating about visiting Vietnam very soon, then the Vietnam visa on arrival 2020 can help you greatly. Especially, after stats suggest how the country can be a hub for around 16 million foreign tourists thus resulting into a remarkable 10% growth in the country’s GDP.