February 23, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

How to obtain a Vietnam e-visa for Malta?

Are you a citizen of Malta? Do you wish to visit a breathtaking country like Vietnam? If yes, then that wonā€™t be a hassle for you with the introduction of the Vietnam e-visa. TheĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ is entirely an online visa. The application process is quite easy and simple. Hence, it does not take more than 3-5 days for your visa to get processed. This visa lets you avoid the hassle of rushing to an embassy and getting the visa in person.

How to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Malta?

If you want to apply for theĀ Vietnam e-visa for Malta, then you need to follow these steps.

  1. Firstly, you need to visit the official site of the e-visa
  2. Next, you need to fill in the application form effectively
  3. While filling up your application form, you need to provide your personal details. These details include aspects such as DOB (date of birth) and passport number.
  4. You need to provide the jpgā€”format of your valid passport comprising a validity of at least 6 months.
  5. You also need to provide a photograph. It should be passport-sized.
  6. After you complete these procedures, it would be time to make the payment for your e-visa.
  7. There are three important ways for payment – Debit, Credit, or Paypal account.

Remember, that you also need to provide a valid email ID to your concerned immigration department. The reason is, they will keep on sending you the regular updates in connection to the processing of your visa. However, the processing of yourĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ doesnā€™t take more than 2-3 days.Ā Ā 

Who needs the Vietnam e-visa for Malta?

People who are citizens of Malta and wish to visit Vietnam can apply for theĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ accordingly. With this visa, the applicant can stay in Vietnam for the next 30 days. However, you cannot visit Vietnam for more than one time with the said visa. It would help if you also were the citizen with a proper passport valid for six months from the date of your entry to Vietnam. You can only apply for theĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ with an uninterrupted internet connection. On top of all, you need to be a citizen of any of the 80 countries eligible to apply.

How long is the application process?

The application process of theĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ is pretty easy and simple. After you have included all the necessary details and documents in your application form, you need to wait a bit. After a few minutes, your submitted application form will be processed, and a confirmation mail will be sent to you.

How to make the best use of the Vietnam e-visa for Malta?

If you are visiting Vietnam with either a tourism or business purpose, then choose theĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ only. You can serve multiple purposes with this visa like exploring different parts of Vietnam while attending a few business meetings at a go. So, make sure that you apply for theĀ Vietnam e-visa for MaltaĀ at least two weeks before your journey begins. This will give your immigration department enough time to process your e-visa in case any information errors are found. This will let you obtain your e-visa in the proper and expected way. Also, remember that if you provide insufficient or improper information, then your visa processing may get delayed.

How to extend your e-visa?

As such, you can only stay in Vietnam with the said visa for not more than 30 days. But, if for any reason you are bound to extend the duration of your e-visa, then you can do that as well. All you need to do for that is get in touch with a local visa organization or agency. A team of professionals will assist you accordingly to extend the period of your e-visa for the time being. The visa extension process takes around a week.

Final wrap up

Vietnam is a country thatā€™s known for its beautiful environment and picturesque destinations. Tourists and globetrotters would surely like to pay a visit to the country once in their lifetime. If you are amongst them, e-visa can be the best solution for you. Make sure you take care of the little details and keep everything ready.

So, now that you know every single detail of the Vietnam e-visa for Malta, you got to apply for it right now.


Citizens of Malta are eligible to avail of the Vietnam e-visa, an online version of a Vietnam visa that will allow foreign visitors to gain entry into the country. This visa can be used for both business and tourism purposes.