February 13, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Is it worth for paying VIP fast track service through Hai Phong city airport?

Hai Phong city airport is the entry gate to explore the colonized history of the nation. The place offers magnificent landmarks of the French colonial era of the country. Thus, it is a must to visit the site in Vietnam. Enjoy your holidays in Vietnam this summer with your family via opting for the VIP fast track service through Hai Phong city airport.

If you are visiting with the Visa on arrival and after arriving at the airport, you need to select the fast track service. Thus, the most crucial question that arises in this process is, “Is it worth paying VIP fast track service through Hai Phong city airport?” So we will find the answer to this question below by going through the topic in detail.

Choose in between the two service types

Well, fast track service is essential when you land at a new airport. Hai Phong city airport in Vietnam is one of the busy international airports around the world. Therefore, it becomes even more essential to opt for this service. It is because professional assistance helps in providing you support to complete your visa or immigration formalities.

There are two different types of fast track services available for travelers to choose, such as:

  • Fast track service- It is a regular service in which the support assistance helps in completing your visa formalities quickly. Thus, you can leave the airport ASAP.
  • VIP or CIP fast track service- It is a unique service in which in addition to the support assistance at the land visa counter. You will be provided with some additional service benefits such as:
  • Baggage porter service
  • A car picks up the facility and more.

Thus in VIP service, you will be adequately treated like a VIP in the airport. And you will be given priority in all the facilities. Therefore, you can receive from the aircraft gate, and you will escort to your vehicle. In between, you can also relax at the VIP lounge to enjoy some light snacks also.

The charges for both the service are different, and it depends upon your choice to choose one among your needs. Further, the whole service is optional, and if you are still too convinced, then you can complete your formalities all by yourself, especially if time is not an issue for you. But logically, if you are with your family, especially kids or elders, then the service benefits you.

Look at the benefits of opting the fast track service

The fast track concierge administrations are an incredible assistance to the guests at the Hai Phong city airport. Here we should talk about the reasons why you should pay for the service:

  • VIP Fast track service through the Hai Phong city airport is snappy and sensible.
  • The customer can save themselves from the tiredness of staying in lines for a long time.
  • Regardless of whether it is a passport control line or security counter, the staff manages everything.
  • It also allows the visitor can relax. Furthermore, it saves time and energy.
  • Also, the fast track concierge service through the Hai Phong city airport allows the visitor to get heading every so often when they are at the air terminal.
  • Likewise, the visitor doesn’t need to worry over their stuff. The luggage porter manages the things until they drop them in the vehicle outside the air terminal.
  • The service through the Hai Phong city airport is an online service. Furthermore, one can pick them while applying for the Visa on arrival visa. Thus, you need to enter your few details, and you are ready to go.

How to apply for Fast track service?

In the case that you are, arriving in Vietnam via Hai Phong city airport then follow the steps below:

  • At first, start the procedure by first applying for Visa on arrival online, or you can apply via your agent who can apply for your visa on arrival application on your behalf.
  • After correctly filling the online Visa on arrival visa application, ensure the individual details, for instance, name, date of birth, passport number, nationality, sex, date of arrival and flight, and make sure to pick the Fast track administration.
  • You need to give the precise details as it will be used at the visa stamping process upon your arrival.
  • Upon arrival, scan for the authority with your name on the board and give your records including: –
  • Original Passport
  • Endorsement letter
  • Two passport size photo
  • Visa stamping charge

Thus, legitimately from welcoming you on the arrival door and completing the visa formalities to help ensure your stuff and escort you to your vehicle, everything will be managed by the administrator.

Further, it is worth paying for this VIP Fast track service through Hai Phong city Airport. Thus, the key is to use this concierge service at the ideal time for the ideal purpose.


Vietnam is home to many tourist attractions. It is one of the Southeast Asian countries that welcomes many tourists annually.

Apply for Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Hai Phong city airport for a smooth Vietnam entry. It will allow you to enjoy the safe and secure service at the airport.

Are you planning to visit Vietnam? Then it is one of the wise decisions while planning for a trip during your vacation. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places to visit.

Are you planning to apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Hai Phong city airport? Then it is a good idea! You can enjoy the spots in Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Hai Phong city is the third most populous metropolis in the country.

Gone are those days when you need to travel to an embassy office to apply for a fresh Vietnam visa. Ever since the Government of Vietnam brought in the Visa on Arrival program, travellers couldn’t be happier with a comfort and ease of procuring their visa to travel to Vietnam.

Airports can be overwhelming for travelers.  Many tourists fear the day when they have to stand in lines for hours to complete the necessary processes at the airport.