May 3, 2020
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Is Vietnam Visa-Free for Filipinos?

Vietnam is only 3 hours away by plane from the Philippines. So it’s not surprising why thousands of Filipinos would come to Vietnam each day for a holiday. Vietnam is known for its interesting historical sights, vibrant culture, delicious food, and beautiful natural landscapes. But the best part is that Filipinos can enter Vietnam without having to apply for a visa. That’s because the Filipinos are among those foreign nationals that were granted visa-free entry to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa waiver program

Vietnam Visa-free Entry for Citizens of the Philippines

As a citizen of the Philippines, you have the privilege to enter Vietnam visa-free and stay in the country for a maximum of 21 days. All you need to do is to book a flight to Vietnam and show your passport at Passport Control. The immigration officer will then stamp your passport for entry into the country.

Make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from your date of entry to Vietnam. Also, there are instances when the Immigration Officer may ask you for proof of hotel accommodation. So be ready to present a voucher that shows your confirmed hotel booking.

Also, since you are only allowed to stay in Vietnam for 21 days, then you should make sure to go out of the country before the 21-day period ends. Although it rarely happens, there are instances when the immigration officer will ask you to present a return ticket. In addition, airlines in the Philippines will usually require Filipino citizens to present a return ticket when going out of the country for tourism.

Crossing Borders To Other Southeast Asian Countries

Aside from Vietnam, there are several other Asian countries that Filipinos can visit visa-free. These include the neighboring countries of Vietnam, such as Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar. As such, Filipino citizens can cross borders without the need to show a visa.

Since Vietnam shares land borders with Laos and Cambodia, Filipinos can go on a backpacking trip coming from Vietnam and going to these Southeast Asian nations by entering through land borders. They can travel by bus and don’t have to present a visa when passing through land borders. All they need to present is their Philippine passport.

Getting a Vietnam Visa for Filipinos

While it’s great that Filipinos can enjoy visa-free to Vietnam, their stay is only limited to 21 days. This would not be enough time to see everything in the country. Vietnam is a vast country and if you want to explore from north to south, then you need to be in the country for at least a month.

Thankfully, Filipinos can apply for a Vietnam visa in order to extend their stay in the country. They are qualified to avail of the Vietnam e-visa that will grant them a maximum stay of 30 days. What’s great about the e-visa is that it’s so easy to apply. In fact, the entire application process is done online.

Step-By-Step Process of Applying for a Vietnam e-visa for Filipino Citizens

It’s easy to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino citizens. Here are the steps on how to go about it:

  1. Prepare a scanned copy of your passport’s bio page (Sample for passport’s bio page). You also need to upload a passport-sized photo during your application so make sure you have this ready (Photo guide). There’s a processing fee of $25 that you need to pay so be ready with your card.
  2. Then go to the website of the Vietnam e-visa application system. Upload your passport copy and photo.
  3. Review the information you entered and make a payment. Enter your card details to pay for the e-visa processing fee.
  4. Wait for an email for the status of your visa. This will usually take up to 3 business days.

Once your e-visa is available, print this and bring it to your trip to Vietnam.

Using the E-visa When Entering Through Land Border Entry Points

The best thing about the e-visa is that it is acceptable in several entry points of Vietnam. You can use it to enter the airport, seaports, and land borders. So for those Filipino travelers who plan on doing a backpacking trip by crossing land borders, getting the Vietnam e-visa is a good idea.

For instance, if you are going to Vietnam from Cambodia, you can pass through the Moc Bai – Bavet border. At the border, present your printed copy of the e-visa and you will be able to get into Vietnam and enjoy a 30-day stay.

This visa can also be used in entering Vietnam on a cruise. The e-visa is acceptable at the various seaports of Vietnam, so it’s perfect for those who are traveling by sea. Of course, you can also use the visa in entering all the International airports of Vietnam, regardless of where you came from.


Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Philippines 🇵🇭? Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in the Philippines Address: 670 Pablo Ocampo St. (formerly Vito Cruz), Malate, Manila, the Philippines 🇵🇭  Telephone: + (632) 5216843  Fax: + (632) 5260472  E-mail: vnembph@yahoo.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Manila, the Philippines 🇵🇭 Address : 670 Pablo Ocampo St., Malate, Manila, the Philippines 🇵🇭 General line: +63-2-5216843 loc.

When traveling to Vietnam, one of the things that travelers must think about is the visa. For travelers from the Philippines, a visa is not required for as long as your stay in the country is not more than 21 days.

The world is full of new surprises. Every place you go, you will find something new, something different that will leave you astonished.

According to recent researches, as of October 2019, about 146,047 travelers and tourists from the Philippines paid a visit to Vietnam. On the other hand, 14 million tourists from around the world also paid a visit to this mysterious yet beautiful country, respectively.