January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Know The Requirements For Vietnam E-Visa For US Citizens

Vietnam is in the borders of Southeast Asia. It is famous for its Buddhist pagodas, temples, and modern active cities. The country has a long and eventful history which makes it an attractive destination for the general tourists. To visit this country, the visitor must apply for a visa, if he or she is not of Vietnamese origin. There are several modes of applying and obtaining a visa but the Vietnamese government has started a program for the citizens of 80 countries. If you are one of them, especially of the United States of America, then you can now avail the benefit of Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens while applying for it.

The main benefits of the e-visa for Vietnam is that there is no time needed to visit the embassy, find the correct officials, fill-up the form, and then deposit it. Without any problem, you can apply for the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens using an internet connection and a digital device. The problem of extensive paperwork and maintenance of them will not be so important as the total process is digital. Although, the original documents can be sought at the time of verification.

The required documents for the Vietnam e-visa

The rules for applying for the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens are the same in all the states and their cities. For all the places included in the united states of America, the option of applying for e-visa is present. The applicant must have the scanned copies of the required documents, a computer or smartphone, and an internet connection for applying to get a Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens. during the course of the process, many other documents may be sought out; however, here are the general documents:

  • A passport which has a validity of 6 months.
  • Photo of your full passport data page in .jpg format. Sample for passport’s bio page.
  • A passport-sized photo in .jpg format. The size should be 4×6, with a white background. The photo should be without wearing glasses. Photo Guide.
  • An effective international credit or debit card
  • An email address for support and correspondence purposes
  • Temporary address within Vietnam
  • Properly mentioned entry and exit dates.
  • The point of arrival and return information.

The points to remember are that the e-visa can be used for single-entry and is valid for 30 days after it is approved.

The process of application for Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens

Apart from the lengthy and confusing procedure of the traditional visa application, the process of applying for the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens is way easy and very convenient. However, there are some fields that are must to fill, and the answers should be 100% correct. The procedure can be listed as;

  • The official website https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn for applying the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens have to be accessed.
  • The required data from the passport data page must be provided in the required data fields.
  • Upload the image of your passport data page and the photo. Both of them should be in .jpg format.
  • The information about the trip especially the length of stay, address of stay and the port of entry/exit has to be mentioned.
  • Pay for the e-visa online. Pay the fees using debit, credit, or other payment options provided. The fee for the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens is USD 25 unless otherwise exempted.

The system will provide a registration number. Save this number as it will be necessary to complete the further processing.

After the e-visa application

The usual time taken for the paperwork and checks to complete for the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens is three business days. If there is more delay, then you should contact with the necessary support staff. After the usual waiting period, the visa will be provided to your registered e-mail and you can download and print it from there. this printout is enough for you to enter the country of Vietnam. After arriving at one of the ports of entry, you can go straight to the immigration counter, offer the printout and your passport. You may also have to provide two passport size photos, the same as the one uploaded while application. The validity of the visa starts the moment it is stamped by the immigration authority.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa – Please note that you are only allowed to enter Vietnam from the port you have designated.

In conclusion

This article should be helpful to you if you are applying for the Vietnam E-Visa for US Citizens. all you need to do is to provide the correct info and have the necessary documents to prove your claim. If all of your documents are in order, then you can easily get your visa. So, get the visa and enjoy the sight and sounds of Vietnam.


Vietnam e-visa for US citizen is an incredibly hassle-free option. Apart from its rich history, the US citizens can also experience the buzzing business and night life of the city.

It is great for us to inform that from December 15, 2016, all types of Vietnam visa will be available again for US citizens. As you know, from 01 September, 2016, just 1 type of Vietnam Visa is available for US citizens, that is 1 year multiple entries Visa.

Vietnam’s government is officially extended the validity of tourist visa for US citizens from three months to one year in a bid to attract more arrivals. The successful conclusion of the arrangement underscores the commitment of the U.

New Updated price for Visa approval letter processing applied for US citizens: • Tourist purpose (Visa type: DL): 25.00 USD/person.

Vietnam has announced that it is planning a major change to its tourist visa policy, a move meant to woo travelers from the U.S.

Traveling internationally should be an enriching experience, allowing you to experience other cultures and places without any worries. Unfortunately, there are those who are looking to take advantage of foreign tourists.