April 29, 2020

Photos guide for Vietnam visa

We provide Vietnam visa upon arrival at one of the airports in Vietnam. When we refer to photos for Vietnam visa, it is photos (images) which attached on the form of entry and exit.

When you arrive at the airport in Vietnam must first go to the visa section. Here, you are required to complete and sign the form to receive a visa on arrival and attach photos on this form. Therefore, please prepare two small photos (passport photos standard).

To save time at the airport, we recommended you print the form of entry and exit out, fill information, sing and attached photo in advance. You need to prepare 1 or 2 more photos for other uses.

What happens if you do not have photos? Do not worry, you can ask the officer to get photos directly from the airport to get visa on arrival (2 USD/each).

Warning: Please print the letter of approval of the visa upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

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For completing the e-visa application form online, you are required to upload followings: Digital copy of your passport + Latest portrait photo. 👉 Use your phone and take a picture of your passport’s bio page.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places to visit for any aged people. Often, people from various s countries visit Vietnam during their vacation to have a great time with their family.

When applying for an e-Visa for Vietnam, one of the requirements is to provide a photo. It’s important that you’re able to provide the right Vietnam e-visa photo.

Did you make plans to pay a visit to the beautiful south-east Asian country of Vietnam? If so, then you are have chosen the perfect nation to explore, discover and learn. The country is loved and respected for its unique culture, colorful heritage and the authentic yet delicious cuisine.

Vietnam is not so strict on photo requirements for Vietnam visa on arrival. However, it would be really helpful when you have information about photo requirements for Vietnam visa on arrival.