January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

All You Ought To Know About The Vietnam E-Visa Photo Requirements

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places to visit for any aged people. Often, people from various s countries visit Vietnam during their vacation to have a great time with their family. Nowadays business people also visit Vietnam for their business needs. If you are looking forward to visit Vietnam for either business purpose or tourist purpose, you need a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country. While applying visa, you need to know the Vietnam E-visa photo requirements. You can apply for a valid Vietnam visa in three different methods.

  • Applying E-visa
  • Contacting the Vietnam embassy
  • Applying for visa on arrival

Most people avoid applying Vietnam visa by contacting the embassy as it ruins their precious time. It also takes more time to get the Vietnam visa. When it comes to applying visa on arrival, you can apply for the visa from anywhere at any time. This makes you easier to apply the visa and get your visa approval letter to your email. It may take only three to four days to get your visa approval. You need to take the copy of the approval letter and submit it in the destination airport to get your visa.

Photo Guide

Vietnam E-Visa Photo – Important Factor!

When it comes to applying for Vietnam E-visa, you can apply online at the comfort of your home or workplace or from anywhere you like. All you need to do is complete the online application form with correct personal and passport details.

Similar to visa on arrival, you will receive the E-visa in your email within two to three days after completing the application process. The difference between visa on arrival and E-visa are the visa on arrival is applicable only for air travellers. Whereas, E-visa is applicable for land, sea and air travellers. Also, the Vietnam E-visa is a 30 days single entry visa. So you can stay in Vietnam only for a maximum of 30 days in Vietnam using E-visa.

For applying Vietnam E-visa, you need various specifications and the most important among them is the photo. To get the Vietnam E-visa, you need to satisfy the precise Vietnam E-visa photo specifications. The requirements for passport photo are

  • Quality and clarity of the photo
  • Weight and format of the photo
  • Facial expression of the applicant
  • Scarves, Glasses and other accessories

It is compulsory for minors also to satisfy the Vietnam E-visa photo requirements get the visa.

Vietnam E-Visa Photo Specifications

In order to avoid the confusion about the passport-sized photo required for visa application, you need to be informed about the Vietnam E-visa photo specifications required. As the meaning of the term “passport-size photo” differs based on countries, make sure that your visa doesn’t get rejected due to your photo. Know the requirements for the Vietnam E-visa photo.

Photo Guide

Recency: The visa photo should be taken no longer than 6 months prior to applying for the Vietnam visa.

Beard: Applicants who normally wear a beard should keep it for the Vietnamese visa photo.

Hair: Applicants with long haircuts can keep their hair down as long as it doesn’t cover the face.

Scarves and other head accessories: Allowed to wear scarves and head accessories only for religious or medical reasons.

Attire: Avoid using white clothing as it’s likely to blend with the background.

Eyes and glasses: Avoid tinted lenses. Only if your eyes visible, you can wear glasses. Your eyes should be visible and kept open, looking directly at the camera.

Facial expression: Don’t smile and try to keep a neutral expression and your mouth closed.

Position: Face the camera and relax your shoulders.

Background: Choose a plain and bright background.

Color: Filters are not accepted. Black and white is allowed.

Weight: No more than 2 MB.

Format: JPG, GIF.

Size: 4x6cm (2×2 inches).

It is necessary to submit 2 photos for each applicant. Make sure to inform your professional photographer about the Vietnam E-visa photo requirements or if you can do it yourself, then you can edit as per the requirement mentioned above.

Visa photo requirements. Standard of correct photo for identity documents.

Vietnam Visa Photo Requirement – Set template face Muslim woman.

Vietnam E-Visa Photo Requirements For Children

If you are travelling with your children, they need separate visa to enter Vietnam. While apply for E-visa, the applicant’s photo should meet some specifications. They are mentioned below:

  • Rules on photo size, attire, etc. are similar to the adult photo requirements
  • Make sure to avoid pacifiers, toys, bottles, and other objects in the picture
  • For newborn babies, you can lay them on a white sheet to have a solid background
  • Make the minor to sit or stand with their eyes opened
  • Only the applicant must be in the photo provided for visa application. Parents or siblings should not appear in the photo

Visa On Arrival Photo Requirement

For visa on arrival, you need to take hard copy of your photo in hand. You need to have two photos to submit in the destination airport to get your visa. Make sure to print your photo on glossy photo paper.

Unlike the e-visa require you to upload your photo online to get approved, the visa on arrival require to print the photo of your face to attach on the visa application form at the destination airport. You can download this form to fill, sign and attached photo in advance to save time on arrival.

If you are looking for a reliable agency to apply for Vietnam visa, you can contact us. We will make your visa application process a stress-free one.

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Vietnamese visas can apply in two different ways. They are applying via embassy and applying via Vietnam e-visa and visa on arrival.

Vietnam e-Visa is one of the best methods to apply for a visa in a stress freeway. Firstly, via Vietnam E-Visa 2020 method, you not only apply for your visa by in your home, but you can also save more time in going to the embassy for the visa applying process.

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When applying for an e-Visa for Vietnam, one of the requirements is to provide a photo. It’s important that you’re able to provide the right Vietnam e-visa photo.

My name is Jae Wan and I am from Daegu, South Korea, and my nationality is Korean. I am a businessman for which I need to travel.

Most foreign travelers require a visa to be able to enter Vietnam (Please check Vietnam visa requirement to know if you are required a visa for Vietnam or NOT). Now that we’re in the age of the Internet, applying for a visa to Vietnam can now be done online.

When planning a trip to Vietnam, the most important requirement that you need to accomplish is Vietnam e-visa 2020. It’s an electronic version of the Vietnam visa that will let you enter the country and stay for certain days.

Vietnam is a popular tourist spot that is frequented by families and solo travelers all through the year. The country is known for its flexible and user-friendly visa policies and regulations that have provisions for everyone.